no rating in Rig Exchange ...

  • idk, it is incredibly frustrating.

    I invested so much time and money to make my own IRs out of match eq curves to get this close to the actual source sound and make profiles with it

    the result: 1 star rating ... it is not possible to please everybody and tastes differ but this is really frustrating

    i mean it is for free there is still no need to s**t on someones work

  • the result: 1 star rating ... it is not possible to please everybody and tastes differ but this is really frustrating

    i mean it is for free there is still no need to s**t on someones work

    I see no rating at all on the rigs you uploaded today, which is not uncommon, especially if uploading multiple rigs - it usually takes a while.

    But I see no 1 star rating.

  • DonPetersen oh no not the ones from today, i just checked if the ones from today are already online and saw the ratings :D

    Most of the time i don't care because they are d.i. so if the people don't like the uncolored tone of a amp that is strange but okay

    i checked now the rating on that particular profile and it is gone :D idk how that is possible :D overall i easily get discouraged by ratings

    and i think a download and clickcounter would be way more motivating then ratings

    idk :D

  • I've made this suggestion in the past, having genres that the profile is gear toward. I'm mostly a 70s, 80's hair band genre player. Some profiles that have a 5 star rating simply don't work for me. I don't vote on these profiles because I'm sure they're not for my genre.

    On the other hand, at least you're getting ratings :) I've had profiles that got rave reviews on this forum, but have no ratings at all.

  • Fret not Bommel, your stuff is amazingly good! I for one have never taken the time to hit any ratings on stuff I like. The usual, only the ones that complain are the loudest. I thank you very much for all your work and generosity!! Keep it up:thumbup:

  • hey thanks a lto Zapman . lespauled yeah i totally agree !! :)

  • Bommel

    looks like the vast majority of your rigs have no cab and mic tags. also loads of amp tags and detail tags are missing. with nearly 15000 rigs in rig exchange, the chance of somebody trying out your rig increases with the right tags and keywords. so a download counter will not necessarily make you happy.

    as for a one star rating: personal preferences are are, well, personal. don't take it personal though. thanks for all your uploads!

  • Thanks a lot @G String :) Yeah i know , i totally understand that. I don't wanna whine about that too much but especially with profiles i spent a lot time making it, it is like a knife in the back :D

    And the ACDC tones were incredibly difficult to do. And i had to buy software first to do that ... (deconvoluting a matcheq spectrum with a d.i. profile to make it exact, making irs out of it and so on. And the source for match eqing was anguses actual live tone. idk it was that "ACDC THUNDER ANGUS"-Profil. Maybe you understand my sad mood now.

    I just found out that i can turn crow rating off in the rigmanager. Rightclick on crowd rating, remove the checkmark and it is gone ... well not completely but maybe not seeing that is better :D :D

  • The problem with Rig Exchange voting is not "personal preference" or something. If someone uploads a direct amp profile of - lets say - a perfectly well captured transistor amp, that really sounds 98% close to the original. Than it gets a 1 star rating, because some people who just don't get it, don't like the sound of that particular transistor amp! Or in the case of Bommel - people who never listened to isolated (miced) guitar tones downrate a rig and gave 1 star, because to them "it sounds strange" or something! It does not make ANY sense to rate profiles that way. In addition there were obviously 1 star ratings placed with purpose to harm for example sellers that share free (and professional) profiles. The rig exchange rating is totally wortless and useless. Just my opinion.

  • Very early in its history, RE ratings were somewhat useful. However, there are now so many rigs (a good thing) that no one can really review a majority of them. There are many gems hiding in there with no reviews at all ...

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