Doom/Stoner/Psych rock and metal profiles?

  • Has anyone run across any profiles that are in the vein of Doom/Stoner/Psych metal or rock? Looking for a heavy fuzz profile that sounds something like:


    High on Fire

    Electric Wizard

    Lord Vapour


    Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard

    Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats





  • check out the Tube Shape parameter in the AMPLIFIER section, too:

    “Tube Shape” controls the distortion characteristics of the tubes, ranging from very soft to very hard. All kinds of crunch sounds can be dialed up - from warm blues, to singing metallic, to harsh. Depending on the gain setting or the playing style, the resulting effect can be rather subtle; completely distorted sounds are mostly unaffected by this parameter, as are clean sounds. Set the value to 3 to simulate the typical sound of preamp tubes. To achieve a power amp tube character, try setting “Tube Shape” to around 9. Power amp tubes produce a much harder distortion, because the negative feedback in the power amp circuit linearizes the tube amplification, making the distortion curve edgier."

  • I agree with the above, it's worth noting that cranking the gain way up on most profiles will lead to all kinds of nasty distortions. I you want some vintage tones, use a spring verb ( very low mix like 2 or 3% to keep some punch) on any profile, pre amp ,it really gives a vintage vibe, that I dig a lot.

    I most often use a real fuzz pedal in front to ease the mix and bandpass ,even on already cranked profiles.

    I used a free JMP 100 from Dennis Koehne in the past , tone is fantastic for stoner , but not easy to mix.

    Check the descriptions of my stoner & psych tracks here, you'll gather a few good references . PM for the best commercial references.

    I also plan a specific stoner & psych pack in the future, but I'm still waiting for the editor.

  • Dude. The track "Elements of Doom' on your Choon channel is awesome!

    I did just get a Wampler Fuzztration to put in front of the Kemper. I looked at a bunch of different fuzz pedals and liked what this one sounded like. I was tempted to go with a classic like the Big Muff but trying something new.