Question about transpose feature and my performance presents for gigs

  • hi all

    My band play in D standard. But usually I use a guitar in E or Eb tuning, and then use a digitech drop pedal.

    I've been playing around and the transpose feature on the Kemper sounds better than the digitech pedal, so if like to use that instead.

    Now for any gigs we do, I'd like the freedom and simplicity to be able to change the transpose setting for the whole performance presets I have programmed in to my midi foot pedal.

    I use 5 different presets throughout the gig which are saved as one Kemper Performance .

    Is there a way I can adjust the transpose setting to the whole performance in one go, or do I need to go into each one and change it there?

    For example, I'm playing a guitar in standard E tuning and break a string. The spare guitar is in Eb, so I need to change the transpose setting on the Kemper.

    Currently I've only worked out how to change each profile individually. This means I've got a performance of 5 profiles in Eb, and then another performance with the exact same profiles but altered to D tuning. With each profile adjusted individually.

    Any tips?

  • Yes, as said above use the transpose and LOCK it so it applies in all cases. Alternatively copy the whole performance and create a -1 version and a -2 version, then switch between these performances as required with the remote.

  • Also I would suggest that if you play that regularly in D, retune your/a guitar. I agree that the KPA transpose sounds better than a drop pedal but even that carries a bit of latency etc.

    I was using it the same way for 3 or 4 songs. I've switch back to a dedicated guitar as it sounds a bit better.

  • thanks for the info everyone. Much appreciated.

    I've had a play with it for several hours setting up performances and looking at different transpose options. I've come to realise that the easiest (and I think best sounding option) is to use the Kemper as normal, and use my Digitech Drop Pedal for the transposing I need.

    I just run guitar > wireless > boss tuner > drop pedal into the front of the Kemper.

    I honestly think the transpose feature on the Kemper sounds terrible regardless how you use it. It ruins the low end on higher gain profiles, and on clean profiles you get awful overtones when playing some chord voicing. It's like you can almost constantly hear it tracking and adjusting the time of the guitar.

    The drop pedal isn't perfect but it's a more balanced and consistent sound, especially with clean profiles.