Stereo EQ/Effects Routing

  • Hi all,

    I've had the Kemper for about a year now. It's a complete love affair. When I'm jamming, I run the Kemper in stereo through an ISP Stealth Pro and into 2 cabs with 1967 Bassman speakers (fender/jensen c12na). While this provides a great sound to my ear, I am lacking one thing- the ability to run 2 amps at once. I am looking for ways to add a little more flavor to my stereo rig, as I miss the sound of my two amp setup.

    I want to add EQ or route a pedal to just one (or both, separately) of the cabs. How can I do this? I'm thinking there may be a way to utilize one of the effects loops, or simply add an EQ block to one of the cabs, but I cannot figure out how.

    If I can't get it to work, I'll have to either swap out a speaker, change one of the cabs, or just give in completely to the KPA's warm embrace and buy a second Kemper 8o

    Any help is appreciated.



  • Therefore you need a second distortion outside the Kemper, f.e. in the loop.


    Where can you put the pedal so the Kemper retains the stereo effect?

    I might be a little slow here... Can you walk me through the chain?

    *I guess what I'm confused about is the stereo effects being merged by the Kemper. I just learned that there is no stereo effects slot before the amp section, right? I don't really want to add distortion after the Kemper's amp section, so that's off the menu... What I'd like to do is run an EQ to just one (or both separately) of the cabs (maybe in combination with a double tracking pedal...because that post is awesome). Are any of the blocks after the amp/cab section able to run in stereo? Could I simply add an EQ pedal to the (secondary) R effects loop, and run a patch cable linking the L effects loop send and return?

  • Look into my post you mentioned.

    In post #6 you‘ll find some pictures of my connections between Kemper and Mimiq.

    About connection of external distortion I cannot say anything because I don‘t use this.