What are "your" hidden gems in Rig Exchange? Post your best finds here ...

  • Ok ... finally, after almost ten years of listening I can partecipate also to this party. Who says FREE RIGs are not that good ... makes a big mistake!

    Below a "short" list of my preferred ones from Rig Exchange (I searched for well balanced sounds, not boomy, not dark, not too clear, well defined in all the freq spectrum, that respond well on both single and humbucker pickups, with no phasing issues, with great results on both low/high guitar octave register) ->


    3 Monkeys Orangutan from Feck

    65 Amps London from Brian Carl

    Fender Bassman from Brian Carl

    Fender Bassman from Martin Suijs

    Fender Champ from HAYS

    Fender Deluxe Reverb from Martin Suijs

    Fender HotRodDeluxe from Maurizio70 (yes, that's me ;-))

    Fender VibroKing from chadrides

    Fender SUPER REVERB from GsOZZ

    Marshall DSL 20 from Ralf Stoney

    Marshall JMP50 '76 CLEAN from NIELS


    Cornford Mk50 from Fero72

    Divided13 RSA31 from Simone Bertolotti

    Engl E570 from Alex Havoc

    Friedman BrownEye BE100 from ReampZone

    Fuchs ODS 30 from Juergen Bringenberg

    Hiwatt DR103 from Gian Hook Captain34 Mk1 from Thomas Kruck

    Marshall 68 Superbass from Martin Suijs

    Marshall JCM800 from LGMTTUBEMASTER

    Marshall JMP 2203 from Liam Thompson

    Marshall JMP SuperBass100 from RockProfiles

    Marshall JTM50 from JOPTUNES

    Marshall JMP50 '76 CRUNCH from NIELS

    Marshall JVM410 from Till Schleicher

    Marshall Plexy60 from Simone Bertolotti

    Suhr PT-100 from RUPATCHE

    Trainwreck Liverpool from Pete Turley

    Victory V40 TheDuchess from Paulo Remigio

    Victory VX TheKraken from HxCguy

    Vox AC30 JMI from Samuel Heierli

    Vox AC30 TB from BLUGENIALE


    Bogner Ecstasy from Kalvitz.com, Pete Turley, Thomas Kruck

    Diezel D-Moll from Jonathan

    Engl E670 from Juanma Blanco

    EVH 5150 from ZanderKeen Productions, Deadlight Studio, FDM Studio

    Friedman BE50 Deluxe from StumblinMan

    Hotone HeartAttack from Don-XXX

    MesaBoogie Mark IV from MJ Davis

    MesaBoogie Mark V from Feckless

    MesaBoogie Mark V from gun9undo

    MesaBoogie RectifierSingle from Till Schleicher

    MesaBoogie RectifierTriple from gun9undo

    MesaBoogie Stiletto from Deadlight Studio

    Orange DarkTerror from Don-XXX

    Orange Thunder 30 from Don-XXX

    Peavey 5150 from FDM Studio

    PRS Archon from Vladimir Berns

    Randall RT503 from Don-XXX

    And, after almost ten years with my Kemper, I can add a gift for You ... if you search on my site (link below) there is a grouped/tweaked/normalized pack of the "Best Of Rig Exchange 2012-2020"!!! If you need further info P.M. me...


  • In the spirit of choosing "the right horse for the right course", it is probably useful to know how people use the profiles they like. I tend to look for sounds in the range between, say, Grant Green and Larry Carlton. (Not many truly high gain profiles)

    I choose many profiles for their ability to deliver fat single note melodies rather than sparkly chords. The neck pickup of a Lollar Charlie Christian pickup is where I am most often at home. I have a definite preference for Brown and Tweed era Fender amps. When going into higher gain I have a tendency toward D-Style amps which are not too far afield from Fenders anyway.

    Lately I have been using fewer profiles saved with more variations of gain and EQ whereas in the past I would use 5 different amps in a Performance to get a variety of choices of EQ and Gain.

    Boogiem's - "63 Vibroverb" with mids up and a Treble Booster boosting the highs (not the gain) for 'real clean'. (My favourite profile for years!)

    Michael Britt's - "Old Fold Honky-Tonk" is a good Tweed Deluxe sound

    Ron Jones - "The Duke" - originally had "Redwirez" cabinet but I think I paired it with "Oranje 4*12" - Really tweakable to different levels of grit. (One of my current favourites. Think of Carlton on Fagen's "Ruby Baby".)

    Heater's - "DP Kingsley DL30" - set to different levels of gain, satisfy most of my medium/ higher level gain needs.

    To this I add my own very idiosyncratic profiles of Tweed Deluxes and Champs that I use to play along with Grant Green's "Idle Moments" and Kenny Burrell's "Midnight Blue" and that is everything I am really using.

    Honorable mention goes to:


    John Tyler's - 1962 Blonde Bassman - A great Profile that works well with the stomp overdrives as well

    Bert Meulendijk's - Fan Showgirl 1962

    Pino Supertino's - Line 6 Pod Pro (for a more compressed clean for jazz - pretty similar to my own)

    ZAP's - Polytone MB IV (for jazz and more middy sounding cleans)

    Giacomo's - Mesa V Twin - 6L6 (for fat low end)

    Medium Grit:

    Luckbad's - Ethos Overdrive

    There are good Trainwreck, Boogie, Marshall and Bogner profiles in the rig exchange as well but I am not really using them any more.

  • KW*DI*JOSE*2

    Jose-style Marshall by user KWIDEMAN. Killer tone, only a few days in the RE. I paired it with one of my favorite cabs with Alnico Cream Celestions. Very full and meaty for heavy tone :thumbup:8)

    Nice find. Similar to the Cameron CCV 01 57/121 by ElevenEleven Studios (mentioned earlier in the thread), but this has just a little bit extra.

  • Hi, Joseph EE, PAE 1969LP Custom BB

    I play mostly clean in stereo (line-in Roland JC 120) an amazingly transparent solution.

    KPA - I like the Rivera samples and that they retain much of the sonic character when the Distortion Gain is low ~ <3.5 - Direct-.5 - no cab.

    I’m a Compressor fanatic and I think the hidden gem for me is engaging and fully utilizing the Kemper compressor because it works absolutely superb and when matched with a great Stack, it can be a powerful asset for highly controllable sustain.

    performance - rehearsal - development— all in one. Kemper ♎️

  • Just found these profiles by Pierre Barthelemy specifically the "Plexi sat brite" very nice plexi tone and feel. Paco Mata's "MARSHALL SV20 09:00" is very good as well. Cleans up with the volume knob, feel great under the fingers. Great job Paco!


    Kemper toaster >Kemper remote> 2 x Alto TS310 powered speakers Furman M-8XAR

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  • For clean, mid, and high gain... JIA JTM45 is just killer!

    For clean and high gain... Ace Superb Lead is awesome!

    FIXED: For Mesa lover's...

    [deleted by mod - not in the Rig Exchange]

    Till's Recto Clean

    Till's Recto Raw

    RRR Clean by Till

    All FREE!

    The more you find what Kemper can do then the harder you try to find what it cannot do -- like make a good cup of Frappuccino.

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  • Fender Dual Pro CLN, OD1 and OD2 profiles by author N8. The clean profile is exquisite. Best clean profile I have heard for the Kemper free or commercial. Those are the only three profiles I keep on my Kemper from the Rig Exchange. Check them out.

  • Metalheads if ya looking for solid thick warm Mesa profiles with tight clean gates check out gun9undo the dude is consistently putting out fantastic profiles. If ya on here gun9undo dude! i owe you a few beers buddy and thanks for your awesome work \m/

    (EDIT) SPECIFIC: Triple Recto Modern #01 Triple Rectifier 4x12 is the one I'm currently jamming on using my ESP EC 1007 ET In Drop A... its killer!

    Apologies Don \m/