Remote-TAP/LOOPER/TUNER-LED should indicate status of assigned button-function

  • Since I do not use the TAP function at all, I decided to use the according button on the remote as my solo switch.

    So I configured the TAP button as my morph button.

    Unfortunately the TAP LED on the remote does not indicate the status (morph on/off).

    Since the LED is already there... would be nice if it would give me some information.

    I know, that the rig-switches on the remote have 2 LEDs where the upper one indicates morphing. But in a live situation it would be handy to have a more obvious indication.

    I didn't try it out with the Looper LED and the Tuner LED (i don't like their button positions for a quick-access-solo-switch), but I guess they behave the same.

    Feature request:

    If the TAP/LOOPER/TUNER-buttons are assigned to another function (like e.g. morph), the corresponding LEDs should indicate the status of the assigned functions.