Global Rig/Perfomance Button

  • One of the things that I used to love about my RJM Mastermind midi controller was the Global Preset function. Bear with me while I explain what it is and how the Kemper could take it to a whole other level.

    Let's say I am playing in a band with a set list that needs lots of different performances. However, let's also say that the set list frequently changes mid gig (very common with wedding/function band type gigs where the singer often selects the next song based on the dance floor reaction to previous songs). It can be a bit of headache trying to scroll up and down performances to find the one you need in a hurry. One simple thing that could help with this though is the ability to loop round the performances rather than stop at the top and bottom then reverse the direction of scrolling - but that's another request in it's own right!

    The RJM approach was to have one preset designated as the Global Preset. This would be your core sound that you could use in an emergency no matter where you were in the list of songs/banks/presets however you want to think of it. This is an incredibly useful feature.

    How, would it work in the Kemper?

    Browser Mode - one Rig would be designated as the Global Rig (or whatever the Kemper team decide to call it). Something simple like using an external footswitch or pushing two buttons on the Remote simultaneously would instantly take you to the Global Rig. Hitting the same buttons again would take you back to the previous rig to take up where you left off. However, the next press of either the Up or Down arrows would take you to the next higher or lower rig from where you were immediately prior to selecting the Global Rig.

    Performance Mode - in this case you would set up a general do it all Performance with up to 5 slots filled and FX assigned to the Remote. You could probably do a whole gig with this Performance if necessary however, you have some special signature sounds set up for individual songs. You are playing away using Performance 15 for example but your generic rig is Performance 1. Instead of scrolling back to 1 you simply hit the Global Performance command play the songs you need then revert to where you left off in the set list of special sounds.

    This works brilliantly on a gig but is also a potential time saver when setting up rigs in rehearsal if most of your Performances is fairly similar but with different effects. When ever you want to set up a new Performance you simply hit the Global Performance command which calls up your default performance, tweak the settings and FX as required then resave with a new name.

    I think of the feature on the Mastermind series as like a Get Out Of Jail Free card for live performance ^^