• We have elevated to release level!

    It is available via Rig Manager as well as on our download page and fixes a few issues of 5.7.2:


    fixed: occasional Quad Delay noise
    fixed: occasional DSP error, if a Rig includes many complex effects

    User Interface

    fixed: MIDI CC# 70/71 didn't control Reverb Mix and Reverb Time in module REV
    fixed: MIDI CC# 35 didn't control Freeze of all delay and reverb effects of Rig
    fixed: incorrect parameter migration of reverb effects stored before 5.0

    If you have not imported the new reverb presets yet, please enter System Settings and press the soft button "Factory Presets" as soon as you have upgraded to OS 5.7. "Factory Presets" will import all factory presets currently missing in your PROFILER data pool without changing or deleting any of your existing presets.