v5.7.x Cabinet sound changed

  • Following FW version 5.7.x this fix has been introduced:


    PROFILER Operating System


    fixed: parts of amp sound accidentally bleeding into cabinet sound while AMP module is switched off and CAB module is switched on

    Quite often, I use the KPA for just the cabinet block only with an external preamp, re-amping etc. (mainly recording purposes where i have a post-amp/pre-cab signal)

    The cabinets now all sound noticeably different. They have much less bass, less highs and more mid, to my ears.

    Perhaps they are now correct but having been using this arrangement for the past few years they are no longer useable having based everything on how they were.

    Any solutions or workarounds to get back the "old" cab sounds? (other than applying corrective EQ)

    Perhaps a more in-depth explanation of the fix applied would assist finding a way round this?

    PS: Rigs with the full profile chain (amp+cab=stack) still appear to sound the same, so as a stand-alone, the KPA appears unaffected.

  • Further to the last post, the implications of this recent "fix" is two-fold.

    Seems that part of the "processing" has been moved from the CAB to the AMP (the bleeding over part discussed?)

    In my findings, this also means that the AMP section appears to sound different too.

    If i disable the CAB block the sound produced by the AMP in v5.7 is now different to that produced in earlier versions. This "new" sound is more bottom-heavy and more top. It appears that part of this "fix" is that some of the HF and LF that were created/processed in the CAB block are now being found in the AMP block.

    As said before, using the AMP+CAB together yields no noticeable difference but on their own the AMP or CAB now have a vastly different sound than before.

    I really need to work around this. An option to use the old system or new system would be ideal. Anyone disabling the cab and using, for example, an external IR convolution app/software will discover this.

    Failing that i will need to go back to 5.5.2 for the foreseeable future.

    Unless of course i have missed something along the journey...?

  • I've been doing my homework on this one. Perhaps its affected me more than other enough to find my own solution to revert back to how things were. Check out the frequency response of the CAB plotted before and after FW 5.7 (doesn't look massive until you see the dB scaling on the side)

    I have managed to get back the "old" cab sound by applying a difference-filter through attaining the comparison in frequency response between how the cab was before fw 5.7 and how it is after. I've done this for two different cabs and the change is quite similar but not identical. See images k34 fix and k35 fix which are the EQ adjustments required to render the cab sound close to what it used to be.

    While i'm happy that another bug has been fixed, to me, this is the equivalent of being told "the pickups in your guitar have an unbalanced frequency response so here's a fixed set". We get used to the imperfections and build our sound upon these non-linearities.

    Now if i had a KPA effect where i could add a second IR to correct the imbalance...