Reamp with Kemper, Apollo Twin, Studio One 3, Reason, or Logic?

  • Hello everyone!

    Does anyone know how to reaamp with a Kemper, Apollo Twin and Studio One 3 Professional or even Reason? I can't seem to figure out how to do all of the processes as it is very confusing to me. Or does anyone have it down for even Logic? Is there anywhere thread I should be on? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you

  • Welcome, Bizzle! :-)

    There's a link in my signature that explains the process for Logic Pro X and a focusrite interface. It may give some helpful pointers for your interface too - I've tried to explain it fairly detailed. It's not too complicated, but it's not completely obvious either :-). I think the tricky thing is how the interface communicates with the DAW regarding outputs (DAW outputs vs. the interface outputs) - for Logic/Focusrite, it's not 1:1.

  • Thank you Michael! The tricky part is the completely confusing part or parts to me. I will take a look at your video when I get a chance. Thank you for your help!

  • Hello VoodooJef! It’s my understanding that the pipeline plug in must be used for Studio One 3 Pro. The weird thing to me is that I figured out how to reamp once before with my Kemper, 3 cables, and my audio interface without using Pipeline. Now I just can’t seem to figure it out period. Thank you for looking into it!

  • Ok, I'm a little short on time but if I recall it's like this: route a channel insert to the spdif out (KPA spdif in), KPA dry signal to main, wet to monitor and record the new reamped track to its own track on the daw via the monitor out (the specific routing would be up to you, ie; wet to main instead if you preferred). It basically puts the KPA in the effects loop of one channel but routes the output to another open track so you don't record over the dry signal track.

    That's the quick and dirty version, there may be another but that was the on-the-fly solution.

  • I will have to try that and keep my fingers crossed I get it right. I’ve been using the 1/4 inch ins and outs, but I’ve been wondering if there is any difference with the SPDIF cable. Can’t hurt to go buy a SPDIF cable and try it out. Thank you!