Two mono outputs without cab simulation + one DI output with cab this possible??

  • Hey everyone, first Kemper post.

    I've recently upgraded from an AxeFx II to a Kemper, and am having a little bit of trouble routing and recreating my live signal flow the way I previously had. So essentially what I'm trying to accomplish is run 2 mono outputs without cab simulation (to be fed to 2 separate poweramps which control one cab each) while also having one DI out with cab simulation so that I can have that line fed to FOH. This set up was super simple with my axefx because there were 2 separate output sections, but I'm having trouble doing this with the Kemper so far. Worst case scenario I run just one poweramp and cab, but it would be much preferred to do this, as it's how I've had my live setup for the past 2 years. Also, I'm hoping to accomplish this WITHOUT the use of a separate A/B/Y pedal. I know that's an option to go with, but before purchasing one I want to know if anyone knows how to do this all internally.


  • Got this figured out! I've got the powered kemper so I'm just running the poweramp out to one cab and then the monitor out to my tube poweramp for the other cab. Just wanted to explain in case anyone else has this issue!

  • If you activate "Monitor Stereo" you could run your guitar cabs in stereo. "Monitor Stereo" pairs MONITOR OUTPUT and DIRECT OUTPUT. "Monitor Cab. Off" is then applied to both. The MONITOR OUTPUT feeds the internal power amp, so SPEAKER OUTPUT is one side. And DIRECT OUTPUT feeds your external power amp and is the other side.

    And then you still have the MAIN OUPUT to send another stereo (or mono) signal including speaker simulation to FOH.