PowerRack into Orange 2x12 - Tone Problem

  • Hello KPA Experts,

    I recently received my PowerRack, a second-hand purchase, with the intention of using it to drive and play through my Orange 2x12, and am really struggling to find a nice clear, aggressive tone and I’m 100% sure I’m doing something wrong - I first found this with the factory profiles included, so since, I’ve bought an STL Jon Deily packer which includes direct profiles but still seem to give a fuzzy/synthetic lacklustre tone. My setup is

    KPA PowerRack

    Speaker cable from dedicated speaker output on KPA to one of the inputs on the back of the Orange 2x12

    Instrument cable into my 7 string

    I have Monitor Cab checked and the direct profiles do not have a cab simulation option, any other profiles I usually disable cab sim.

    In order to get a better tone, and assuming there’s nothing else I’m doing wrong, is it just a matter of using the EQ to get what I need?

    I know this thing is extremely powerful and maybe I’m struggling to comprehend it but it is awfully underwhelming when the tone I had on a cheap Line 6 combo sounds better than what I have coming out of my KPA through a Orange 2x12.

  • Make sure your Monitor Cab is set to master mono. There's an option you can check to not have to turn off cab sim for monitor - it just stays off all the time but on for your other outputs.

    Personally - I don't like direct profiles. I think you are better off using a normal profile.

    If you want go and download the ToneJunkie free pack and we can compare an amp included in there so I can help you get good results.

  • I run my powerhead through a recto 4x12, dropped to B tuning.It is CRUSHING!!!! I suggest Clilab for high gain profiles, rediculously good/real feeling and sounding (Diezel,EVH, Friedman profiles are stupidly cheap and amazing. Sounds like you have the basic settings correct...It should sound amazing. Something is wrong.