Kemper Powerhead direct to Guitar Cab Profile recommendations

  • Hello Members..

    I have the Powered Kemper Head and a Mesa 2x12 Vintage 30 cabinet. Main guitar Gibson Les Paul Stock Humbuckers. Looking for recommendations for Profiles? Im assuming Direct or merged profiles as i will not be using the Speaker IR's. Looking for mostly 80's classic rock thru metal..

    Regards Ken..

  • I use my Kemper into a Marshall jcm800 4x12 with Celestion Creamback speakers.

    Try Top Jimi Mesa Boogie mkV pack. Costs around £10 and has some good profiles. I've been using these as the main basis for my live Performance setup with clean, crunch, rhythm distortion and a solo boost profile.

    The free Michael Britt pack has a good Soldano and Friedman profiles, as well as some good Marshall profiles.

    Neither of the above profiles will do UBER METAL \m/ but will do everything from clean to what I'd class as hard rock.

    Remember to turn the Cab button off so you're not getting a modelled speaker cab going into your actual speaker cab.

  • Thanks JK Ill check it out.. Got the Top Jimi Boston pack and it didnt translate that well for me but Ive i always liked the Mesa Boogie as an overall tone so Ill check it out as well as the Soldano and Friedman, I got some of the other Britt profiles "Came with the unit" but they are mostly Fender clean type amps and sound a little dark to me.. Thanks again for the quick response..