Retaining Profiler Remote stomps, effects, and expression pedal assignments

  • I apologize if this has already been addressed, but I searched the forum and the manual and could not find an answer:

    Is there any way to preserve my pedal assignments (I am using the profiler remote) when adding a new rig to a performance?

    I have tried copying and pasting my effects and stomp presets. I have tried locking stomps and effects and then saving the performance. Both of these will save the stomps and effects in the profiler and does retain morph setting and expression pedal assignments, but then I have to go through and manually assign the stomps/effects to the remote buttons.


  • If you copy/paste a complete Slot, it does include the Effect Button I-IIII assignments, even if multiple modules are assigned to the same button. Afterwards you just selectively browse the Stack and maintain all the effect modules with their assignments.

    If you lock the Stomps Section and/or Effects Section it also maintains the assignments, if there is not more than one assignment per Effect Button.

  • True, the assignments are linked to the module. And effect presets don't include those assignments as these can universally be used across all modules.

    If an effect preset would include an assignment e. g. to Effect Button II, what should happen, if you load this preset and Effect Button II has already other assignments? Should it overwrite other assignments to other modules? Or should it just add the new assignment? What if Effect Button II is already fully booked with four assignments? We are trying to stay away from this rat hole.

    As mentioned before there are other ways to maintain the assignments.