Factory preset -p(output menus) - live w/ guitar cab....

  • Yes, they make a difference, but they are just various configurations of the output section.

    You can scroll through them and see if any of them suit your use situation.

    I find it easier to set up the output section the way I need it to be and then save that as a preset or presets if you need say stereo output for recording and mono output for live.

    If, for instance, you have the output section already configured they way you want it, save that as Deej09 Default (or whatever you would name it). That way you always have that setting to go back to if you decide to experiment.

  • I use them too for various cabinet situations (wet/wet/wet, monitors etc.)

    Just remember that you get a copy if you save tweaks. No way to override. So delete the redundant version while you remember which or it will me a mess.

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