• Hi, I'm a new to the kemper world, I still getting use to the foot buttons on the remote. I meant to step on 5 last night and i hit the tap button by mistake. I can't figure out how to get it back to the correct sitting or turn it off. By the way I'm in performance mode and the tap button is never blinking. Is there a way to disable the button?

  • Like the TAP button on the front panel the LED of the TAP button on the Remote only blinks, if Tempo is enabled in the Rig currently loaded. That can be done in Rig Settings on page "Tempo" as well as by simply pushing one of the TAP buttons. Normally, you want to push multiple times to tap in the intended tempo or hold the button to activate Beat Scanner, which detects the tempo for you.

    Before you decide to disable this button on the Remote or assign another function you should read the chapter "Tempo" in the Main Manual and consider, if these functions could be useful for you.

  • I know its been asked before, but, is the flashing indicator of the tap tempo being addressed?

    I done a gig the other night and after tapping the remote at an "up tempo" BPM the flashing indicator appeared to be reporting back the chosen tempo in morse-code rather than a regular pulse.

    Visually this was therefore useless and only by listening could i confirm my tempo was set.