"A/B compare" & "Revert to Orig"

  • Hi,

    Any chance we could see something like an "A/B compare" & "Revert to Orig" in the future?

    1. Tweak away and any time flip back to where you started to compare A/B. New to old.

    2. Also would be great if there was a way to revert back to a saved original profile state. I'm always concerned with saving something I like "over the original", but space makes me not able to keep saving new versions. It would be cool to be able to go back to the original even a year later with a simple button press.


  • I use the Snapshot feature from time to time but it is clumsy and a bit of a pain compared to a simple A/B compare and a Revert to Original option.

    It is way too easy to end up with multiple Snapshots with the same name and also too many steps to get into the Browse Snapshots menu. I would definitely like an A/B option.

  • I just logged in to start an A/B thread and found yours. I use snapshots, but that isn't the quickest way to hear edits instantly compared to the original. I would love an A/B option. Maybe there's room for it in the Rig settings so you can adjust all you want, go to rig and press a button to hear the original and back to the edits.

  • Me too!

    I would love to have this feature available to the QUICK button.


    I’m in performance mode (no snapshots available) and think I may be able to improve a rig. I start tweaking parameters and after a while I wonder if this new tone is really better.

    The only way to AB this is to save the entire performance to another slot and then AB between performances.

    Feature request.

    I press the quick button and revert to the saved sound. I press it again to AB. Store if it’s better. Press QUICK to revert back again if it’s not.

    This is the only thing that I miss as a touring musician. Not having some way to AB edits in performance mode is truly disruptive in my workflow while testing and changing new sounds on stage.

  • Maybe the implementation of an "Undo All"/"Redo All" would work via either spare soft-button or long-press on the undo or redo buttons.

    For long-term comparisons, as the original post mentions, Id prefer to use the existing snapshots, so as to keep clear of the potential slowdown of autosaves to the profile with every setting change.

  • Yes A/B would be a very comfortable and fast way to compare the original and tweaked sound. Maybe a solution could be: press the UNDO button longer than 2 sec (original sound) or the REDO button for the latest tweaked version of the sound.

  • I scroll up to an empty bank and load the profile I want to tweak in the 1st preset slot.

    I then copy that profile and paste it to the other 4 empty preset slots in the bank.

    The 1st preset remains untouched (original) while I tweak the others and A/B back and forth

    between them.

    Sometimes I’ll have up to 3 banks of the same profile A/B’ing the different EQ tweaks.

    You can then copy and paste the best chosen rig back down to your working bank and delete the others or begin your next profile to A/B.

    SIDE NOTE TIP: Don’t overlook “cut the mix” EQ preset. It really makes a clean or dirty rig punchy and articulate. It’s a great starting point if you feel you need additional EQ’ing.

  • A/B comparison soft “button” may not be the best idea.

    I personally switch back and forth probably hundreds of times when doing an A/B comparison.

    I’d rip my hair out if I had to remove my hand from the guitar to press a button each time.

    You definitely need to A/B via footswitch.

    I’m finding it difficult scrolling through rigs and cabs with my hands as I have to strum the guitar with each and every profile I’m listening to. Same issue with Rig Manager.

    Sometimes I run a riff on the looper while I scroll through rigs/cabs/etc.

    Is there currently a way to scroll through rigs and cabs as well as Rig Manager via (Kemper Remote) footswitch?

  • The Looper is very practical when it comes to sound fine-tuning. Make sure the Looper location is set to "Input" (system menu), record a typical lick and let it run endlessly.

    Now you can turn and press knobs with both hands and adjust your sound.

    And: the input is constant by definition.

  • Thanks! This is a good workflow.

    But it requires that you know in advance that you really want to get into tweaking and ABing.

    But it's usually during soundcheck that I want to improve a performance slot. When I'm done I would like to hear the original to see if it's really better. Long press UNDO and REDO accomplishes this but I just found out that the Stage has no UNDO/REDO capabilities. At home I have all the time in the world but final tweaking can only be done in context on stage in my opinion.

    So back to square one (or zero ).