Signal routing: how does it work?

  • I'm still experimenting a lot with Kemper and my favourite analog pedals such as a Tube Driver and a Sovtek Muff which I put in the front Input. For this example I'm playing with a free profile of the rig manager, it's an hiwatt clean from an author called "e". I like verymuch this profile. Now, If I play the profile itself (I use a strat with emg active pickups) the levels are fine, no yellow or red lights in input and output section (even if I play hard). If I engage a pedal in front and I start raising its output level, I see that instead of getting a saturation of the input, I have a big increase of the overall volume. If I turn that level all the way up, the overall volume is insane and the output is clipping. I've also made several "init global" but the result is the same. So the question is: why it is clipping the output and not the input? Same result with all the profiles I have in my collection. I really don't understand, can you help me?


  • Could it be that the hiwatt is known to have lots of clean headroom
    so the profile is behaving like the real amp so will take a lot to
    push the input to distort. Tried this profile and got the same thing
    but really had to slam the input to get the ouput led to go red.
    Might be completely wrong just a thought , maybe someone with more knowledge could
    clear it up for you.

  • I put that Hiwatt as an example, but I have noticed this behavior with almost all my profiles. What I don't understand is the clipping and red light in output instead of the input. There should be the Amp section in between them...

  • Thank you Alan, but I've spent many hours with the Distortion Loop/front input tests. I find that pedals sound really different in the loop, they loose something. I prefer how they sounds in front, but it seem that I cannot overdrive the input.