Why won't the Rig Manager let me upload this profile?

  • I bought these Rivers of Nihil Kemper Profiles, as well as a few other packs. I've gotten every profile on the Rig Manager, and onto my Kemper no problem, however, when I try to upload the RON profiles I've purchased, it tells me: "Import failed. Only Rigs and Performances can be imported.", despite it being the same file type and everything as all of the other profiles. I don't get it, but I'm also really new to Kemper and this is the first time I've seen something like this. As I said, I'm very new, so I'm really confused as to how to fix this problem. Can anyone help?

  • Jordan, the file type will look the same to you, hence the confusion, but it sounds to me like the particular RON ones that RM is rejecting aren't, as the message says, Rigs or Performances.

    It's likely that they're Cabs or FX presets IMHO. Check that there isn't another folder in the pack that contains the actual Rigs or that you haven't downloaded it in its entirety.