Slash tone....

  • Hi all,

    Yep, it's THAT question I'm afraid.....!

    What profiles are you all using - or have discovered - that get close to the Slash tone on both the AFD album AND the later UYI / Slash's Snakepit solo stuff? I've been using the Caswell modded Marshalls from TopJimi, but pretty sure there must be other profiles that can get that tone.


  • I think there's a free profile on the Rig Exchange called JVM Slash. Im at work at the minute but ill have a look tonight exactly what its called. It sounds pretty good, but whether its close enough to the specific tone your after, only you would know.

    Don't forget that his tone has changed quite a bit over the years. AFD was very gritty (sits well in the mix but on its own not that good in my opinion), UYI was probably different again, and then his live tone is probably as different again to the early GnR albums.

    There's some good Marshall profiles from Michael Britt in the free pack,and also his Profile Pack 3. Most of these will be able to dial into a Slash type tone.

    Other things to bear in mind:

    Is this for bedroom playing? Low volume will sound different to a louder volume tone.

    Is this for using live with a band? By the time the sound guy has got a hold of your tone and tweaked it, it'll sound like he wants it, not how you want it.

    What guitar are you using? Lower/Medium output passive humbuckers will do a better job of this tone than high output humbuckers/active pickups.

  • its sad there aren't not enough good slash profiles especially the sound of the last solo albums😟

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  • Look for AFD100 profiles from topJimi... one of the free ones is spot on.

    I also bought the Caswell profiles from top Jimi and they are great for Slash tone and more...

    But yeah for the UYI tone Jube profiles should get you covered...