No output from the speaker output. Anything left to check after factory reset?

  • Getting no output from a Kemper Powerhead. It was working fine and then the next day there was just no output.

    1. Verified connecting the speaker cab to the "speaker output" on the back.

    2. Verified sound via the headphone output.

    3. To avoid any settings that may have been tweaked, reset to factory specs and no change.

    Is there ANY setting that would "survive" the Factory Reset and keep the power amp from putting sound through the SPeaker output?

  • There should be a signal after an "Init Globals". All relevant settings like Power Amp, Monitor Output Source, Monitor Output Volume should be enabled.

    The best test is, if here is a signal on the MONITOR OUTPUT. If that is the case and there is no signal from the SPEAKER OUTPUT while the Power Amp is switched on, the power amp must be defective.

  • I guess, you are referring to the Ethernet cable connecting the Remote with the PROFILER?

    The original cable is about 21 feet long and available in our online store. If you need a longer cable connection, please consult the Main MaAnual chapter "Cabling" and find information regarding "PoE".

  • There are good alternative remote cables out there that are more practical than the original cable, so I can't recommend the original. The original cable is very stiff and doesn't lay flat on stage.

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  • As the manual is stating, the resistance of the cable is very critical. Even if a third party cable seems to work for a while, the Remote could be undersupplied and this could cause issues like darker screen, loss of connection,... I recommend to generally use a PoE device in combination with third party cables.


    The PROFILER and PROFILER Remote communicate with each other via an ethernet cable. The cable included in the PROFILER Remote package with its Neutrik® etherCON® cable connector carrier has been carefully selected and is perfectly suited for this purpose. If you decide to use any 3rd party cable, please make sure it meets our quality standards.

    The diameter of the wire is the critical factor. The cable delivered with the Remote meets American Wire Gauge 24 (AWG), which can support up to 7.5m (22ft) length. AWG 26 cables have a smaller diameter and can only support up to 5m (15ft). Cables with higher AWG e. g. AWG 28 should not be used with the Remote.

    Cables in excess of 10m (30ft) might require a Power over Ethernet Injector (PoE Injector).