Mesa JP2C

  • LiamUK

    Changed the title of the thread from “Mesa JPC2” to “Mesa JP2C”.
  • Hard to compare without their cab, mic, and mic'ing conditions. Those profiles did sound great and I was jonesing for them a long time back until they released it and I saw the price. Been burned by too many profile packs to invest that much into them.

    Their Mark IIC+ pack does have some choice profiles in it, and the JP2C is just a rereleased IIC+ with an extra graphic EQ, MIDI, FX loop, and maybe a couple other smaller functions. The core tone is exactly the IIC+.

  • I love Choptones profile. I can’t speak to how closely it mirrors the JP-2C because ive not had them side by side. I do have a friend who loves Boogies, but swears the Mark V is the worst amp they make. So we put the Choptones profile up against our other friends Mark V through the same cab. They sounded similar except the actual Mark V lacked the girth of the Kemper profile, no matter what we did we could not get the Mark V to sound as good as the Choptones profile. At jam sessions i regularly switch between the Mark V, iiC+ and JP-2C profiles and im in Boogie heaven.

  • I have a few just play packs from choptones. I must say I like how the present their profiles. With standard tuning, lower tuning, both active and passive pickups.

    More so than amps I find pickups make a huge difference in profiles, so the more you can hear them demoed with different pickups or know which set profiles were refined for is a great help.

  • After a few years out of 1000s of profiles I like a dumble profile that m britt gave away in a free pack, so I got his dumble pack, love the ceriatone... Then I purchased the choptones jp mesa pack for my brother in law to try. The clean on there is outstanding, as are the drive tones. I've used the direct profiles most with my 4 x 12, they are stunning.

    I'll never go back to my Orange dual terror, Marshall jmp or fender bassman 100, this Kemper is now my go to for live and studio.