Wah Tracking Issue?

  • Hi All, I'm a very new Kemper user, just got my KPA yesterday. Having never played through one before, I acclimated in stages, first booting the KPA and updating the firmware, playing with it for a while. I then connected the Remote & learned how to operate that, and then finally attached my Mission EP1-KP. IOnce I got that connected and a patch set up with wah and playing with it for a while, I noticed an issue where if I'm rocking the wah in time (quarter notes around 120bpm) and scratching 16th notes (that funk 'whakka whakka whakka' thing) the wah doesn't seem to be tracking 100%, the first few 'Whakkas' are either non 'wah'd or the wah effect is even reversed.

    I did calibrate the pedal (I think - in System settings under that port exp slot 5, I just moved the pedal back and forth, there was no 'done, you're calibrated' or anything - perhaps I didn't complete the calibration?). When I updated the firmware of the KPA I did not have the remote connected - is it possible there might be a firmware mismatch? The FW on the KPA was 5.5.something, now is current.

    Thank you in advance for your help, I'm already finding this community to be incredibly helpful!!!!

  • Also if you have the pedal set to do more than one job in the settings dialogue (ie “morph to wah” or “wah to pitch” etc.) you might experience lag. In my experience, there’s also slight lag when connected to the Remote as opposed to connecting directly to the input on the back of the KPA.

  • Thanks for the responses! The wah is connected to the Remote. It's only set to do the one thing (wah), no morphing or anything. The bypass is set to the toe switch on the Mission pedal.

    Hmmm, I 'll have to check to see if I can find a longer TRS cable to plug directly into the Kemper to test that.