Dotted eight delay "note value" settings

  • Thanks for the reply guys.

    Yes - I was in such a rush I didn't clarify so my apologies for that.

    For a stereo spread I notice the "Tap the edge delay 2" on the kemper is set to

    Note value 1 - 3/16

    note value 2 - 3/16

    I guess this is what I was looking for ?

  • For a take on the dotted 8th delay in stereo try this:

    Use the Rhythm Delay

    Set the mix fairly high, say 70 or higher

    Feedback at 0 or very low

    Note Value 1 at 1/8 dot

    Note Value 2 at 1/4

    Note Value 3 at 1/4 dot

    Note Value 4 at 7/16

    Volume 1 at 10

    Volume 2 at 2

    Volume 3 at 2

    Volume 4 at 1

    Panorama 1 at 0

    Panorama 2 at +100

    Panorama 3 at -100

    Panorama 4 at +100

    Stereo at 100

    Ducking at 0

    As always, tweak around until you find something you think is cool.

  • Thanks Aaron.

    I spent a bunch of time a few weeks ago messing around with the delays and discovered two things:

    the dotted 8th delay needs to be way louder than the other delays and

    the dotted 8th delay need to be up the center (that is, not panned)

    I also came up with another "flavor" where the first two delays were short (1/32 and 1/16) and panned hard left and right, the third delay was the dotted 8th (up the center) and the last delay was 1/4 and panned. Try setting the dotted 8th delay volume at 10, the 1/4 delay at 2, and the two shorter delays in the 2-8 range.

    If you REALLY want get crazy stereo/panning, try using both of those at the same time.