New to Kemper from Fractal

  • Hello

    Just got the Kemper.. It sounds great, as does the Fractal . They are both fantastic. One question though that I am stuck on that I cannot find an answer to

    In the Fractal, you can use the software on your computer to edit patches, change cabs, add effects.....anything

    It appears in the Kemper you cannot do that, am I correct? I know you can pull up the Rig Manager and select your rig, but if I want to add an effect, or change a cabinet can I only do that in the unit itself? I hope not. I would hope at this point we can do that

    Help is appreciated


  • That would correct at the moment. Kemper should be releasing an editor very soon. They unveiled it at NAMM. The kemper is very simplistic compared to the fractal in terms of editing on the unit so its never been a big deal for me.

  • Ah, ok thanks

    Actually, this is where I would say the Fractal is miles ahead of Kemper. The software is incredibly simple and intuitive

    I am still trying to figure out how to change cabinets on these presets

  • I would encourage you to learn the Kemper interface which is very intuitive and simple. When I play live I know that I can modify anything on the fly without the need of a computer. I'm not saying that the editor will not be a welcome improvement but the downside is that people just don't know anymore how to use the interface when needed.

  • Thank you all. After spending many hours on this, I believe I am going back to Fractal. The Kemper is a great piece of gear, but I actually find it irritating in certain ways when it comes to certain things

  • Considering what he probably spent on the unit, it's quite incredible how quickly he threw in the towel.

    This is why I asked him to be more-specific; that way we can try to address his concerns. So often peeps don't know that the Kemper has unique, often-not-obvious ways of achieving exactly what they're after and they give up without even realising it. :/

    Welcome to the forum BTW, bplexico. ;)

  • He likely didn't see or overlooked the recommendation to download the ToastME editor. I use it exclusively for editing. Personally, I never use the front panel unless I absolutely have to. Same for the Axe-Fx. If I were gigging, I'd have a laptop running ToastME and/or Axe-Edit.

  • He already own an AXE FX and he obviously like it so I feel he just wanted to know if the Kemper had that something special for him that he didn't want to miss. Simple curiosity I guess. The problem is that he didn't give himself the necessary time to get there... I owned myself an AXE FX in the past and the time curve to only beginning to get the tone you wanted was a lot more than just ''many hours'', a loooot more. Whith the Kemper it's easier but still you have give to yourself a few days at the least!

  • To answer your all's questions, here you go

    I know it can come down to personal preference, here are my issues. I am not trying to sell anyone, or bash the Kemper, but here is what I dislike

    Also, I spent about eight hours over the course of three days on this thing. Considering I am not new to modelers and am computer/app proficient, three days was enough for me.

    1 Kemper is pretty user friendly, but when picking effects, such as OD, delay, or whatever I didn't like it. I didn't think about the fact that the Fractal is known for effects and not other piece of gear will compare in that regard

    For example, on the Fractal, I can pick like 30 OD pedals, and they sound great

    So, in the Fractal, when picking an OD, the OD pedals are named the same as the actual pedal, so you know what you are getting

    Again, I know Fractal is known for effects...Kemper isn't. The whole effects thing was something I didn't think about.

    2. The sounds. To my ears, the amps in the Fractal just sound better. To me, it felt like there was this kind of overtone on most, if not all the patches/profiles in the Kemper. Kind of like if you have a restaurant and use a spice blend in all your dishes. Maybe it isn't obvious, but you get a hint of it in everything you eat. At first I thought the amps were more "real sounding." But then after the second day, having gone through a number of profiles, many of them repeatedly, I noticed this "overtone" which I mentioned.

    3. The editor. I typically use a modeler at home for recording and considering I hate going through menus on a unit. I mean I hate it.

    I REALLY need an editor. I know the editor is coming, this year, but compared to the AX8, I would say the Fractal is just as user friendly to some degree when editing on the actual unit.

    Plus, the layout in regards to picking things. For example, in the Fractal, in the editor, you pick your amp, say a JCM 800, and you want to change the amp or the click on it, then you can select from hundreds of amps or cabs

    So, in addition to the editor, the layout is what I prefer much much more over the Kemper. I am baffled it took Kemper this long to create an editor

    4. Labeling of profiles. In the Fractal, the amps are listed for what they are, with some exceptions. So, if you want a Tweed deluxe, it's called a Tweed Deluxe.

    While most of the amps are labeled for what they are in the Kemper, many are abbreviations, or whatever and it is a pain

    In other words, in the Fractal, it is labeled more clearly

    5. Tones. I know many like the Kemper because they say the tones are great right out of the box, but I would strongly argue the same about the Fractal

    6. While the Fractal cannot make profiles (I don't care for or need that) I do like that I don't have to worry about the quality of the profile.

    I know everything was done professionally.

    So, in closing, I will agree that the Kemper is pretty amazing. The technology is killer nowadays.

    I guess you could argue it is like people arguing over Chevy or Ford :)

  • Hey man! No problem if you prefer the AXE FX over the Kemper! No problem at all! Axe FX is a fantastic unit!

    It's just that, you'll have to agree, you look like the guy that is already convince that the Axe FX is the best of the best and tried a Kemper for a few hours just to be able to justify this assertion. Eight hours is not much even with experience. But it's your choice and I respect it!

    Be happy with you AXE man! :)