• It wouldn't be a lot like an amp without the traditional bass, mid, treble and presence, although I guess that could still be an option. What would maybe be better is a studio eq with more than 2 parametric bands instead of sometimes using two slots for eq.

  • The pass filters might be accessible\visible only via the menu, while the basic knobs could still be usable from the unit's front.

    IMO, we need a band-pass system per rig (be it in the Stack, in the Cabinet, in the Rig menu), because the need/utility to bandpass a tone comes from the interaction between that specific amp and that specific cab.

    If we assume that the Profiler generates a mic'ed cab's tone, the most logic (and useful) option is to allow bandpassing that specific tone, exactly the way the soundman does on the strip where the mic enters.

    Having such a function in the Output section wouldn't solve the issue bandpassing is expected to solve.

    I believe the best place would be the Cabinet section, since (mic'ed) cab is the element that would most likely require bandpassing. But the Rig section would be a sensible location as well, for the above-mentioned reasons.