Deleting Rigs and effect presets and backup

  • Again ,I am new to Kemper, a former Friedman BE 100 and BE 50 Deluxe user. I have managed to dial in some great presets. Advice was given in a previous thread to pair down the the number of rigs and presets in order to simplify operation. With that said I would like delete most all of the stuff I am never going to use.

    There is simply too much stuff on the Kemper for me. If I look at they way I used to play with multiple amps I had 4 basic sounds that could be tweaked with pedals, and delays. The way I figure it if I have 10 good Rigs dialed in, that would be more than enough for me in any live playing situation.

    Could any one help with guidelines around doing this. Also best way and best practices to do a full back or selective back if I want to restore. Or maybe there is a link to a tutorial or doc that explains.

    BTW have

    dialed in some killer Britt JCM 800 and Friedman BE100 .Tone Junkie Lonestar clean and Matchless. Really loving it going through 2 mission Gemini one's in stereo. Sounds killer


    Steve R

  • You can either use Rig Manager on PC or MAC to delete selections of Rigs. Without PC/MAC you could mark the n Rigs you want to keep as Favorites and then enter System Settings and select "Erase Non-Favorites".

    You could create a PROFILER backup upfront. Plug in your USB memory stick, select external storage, backup.

    Detailed descriptions can be found in the Main Manual.