Is the Kemper takin info from the cord plugged into the amp?

  • Hi is the cord plugged into the amp from the kemper when you are profiling getting info from the amp? Or is that for when you are

    A B the amp when u play your guitar thru the kemper since its coming out the kemper into the amp. Is all the magic with those alien noises being picked up thru the mic going into the kemper? I guess I dont understand how this works.



  • The guitar side of the signal chain isn’t involved in the profiling process. The Direct out from the KPA sends the Alien noises to the amp input. The signals received at the input are a known quantity. The output received at the KPA Direct In (either a DI signal or a Mic signal) is compared to the known signals being fed into it. Then the KPa does som weir magic voodoo on it and somehow turns the difference between the two signals i to a replica of the soul of the amp. Honestly, there should be a sci-fi movie about the machine that steals sould from its victims :P