Assigning groups of effects

  • Sorry if I missed this somewhere....

    I mainly use one rig for my gain tones, very simple.

    I have always done these things on the Kemper without the remote when recording, but trying to put together the simplest live format now.

    Basically I am trying to assign on the remote:

    I - Delay and wah (w/expression pedal) - I like to turn off the wah like this so I don't accidentally bump it in, or I can leave it in a cocked position and turn it on preset there

    II - Delay and a T-wah

    III - Pitch shifting with the t-wah and delay

    IIII - is just delay

    It only lets me save the delay in one place

    or the t-wah in one place


    I guess I could make four rigs to do, but just trying to set groups

    This literally covers everything I use on my gain setting

    Am I missing something obvious?

    Sorry, for someone who has used the KPA for 7+ years I feel like a doofus ^^