• Hi Guys,

    I'm still new here and continue to learn, try to follow me here.

    I'm a big EVH fan and using an EVH profile from "Deadlight Studio" to get an early VH tone. So far so good, as I make edits on this profile I needed to actually add a noise gate in front of the amp (as commonly done, I believe). Eddie's early chain for that tone was Phaser, Flanger, EQ and I believe most need to throw in a noise gate, so 4 pedals total. In order to get some of Eddie's cool repeats like in "Ain't Talking 'bout Love"(for the Am chord) you need to add a Delay in this chain (before the amp). All means I need to plug in 5 pedals before the amp which I don't think is possible?

    Okay, so I know you guys will tell me to use the master Noise Gate which I've done but I have max'd out which then leads you to the part where you can't mimic the cleaner sound when Eddie rolls off the volume knob on the guitar at times. I've also messed around quite a bit with the Clean and Distortion sens setting, with no real advantage.

    So currently I've added a Noise Gate after the amp in the effects loop and between tweeking that and the main Noise Gate, I get a whole lot closer (just about perfect).

    Just wondering if this may be as good as it gets? I'm using an EVH Shark style guitar with a late 70's Mighty Might (so high gain) and "yes" I've already tried to mess with the Master Gain on the actual amp.

    Thanks in advance guys!

  • He did on this song but others he clicked it "in and out". Since I have the Kemper pedal board I was thinking about just adding the Flanger to an assigned spot on the board. I guess I could also just copy the rig w/o the flanger and assign that to the board also. Any thoughts on that? I guess that's a "6 to 1, half a dozen to the other" type scenario.

    Thanks for your input !

  • Try putting the delay after the stack. You can then, in the delay section, choose pre or post stack for the delay. You can also further eq the delay in the delay section if you like.

    Also, somewhere, I saw a cool trick where someone put the phaser and flanger on the same remote button for this song, so that he could toggle between the two effects. Just FYI.

  • Try putting the delay after the stack. You can then, in the delay section, choose pre or post stack for the delay.

    I don't think that's right unfortunately. I think you are referring to the pre/post mix option in the delays but that only affects the mix control not the position of the delays in the signal chain.

    KEMPER PROFILER Main Manual 5.5

    Mix Location Pre/Post

    Determines whether the Mix control is positioned at the input (Pre) or the output (Post) of the delay. This option does not change the signal immediately, but it becomes relevant when the Mix control is morphed by a switch or pedal.

    In the "Post" position, a change of the Mix control changes the output level of the delay, and thus will have an immediate impact to the delay tail when modified. In the "Pre" position, the delay tail will be unaffected by fast changes to Mix, which will control only the delay input level.

    For the EVH early delay thing the delay's need to come in front of the amp's gain stages because of the way the amp gain compresses the signal and makes the delays jump out more in a specific way. However, it might be worth trying to experiment with the Ducking control if the Delays are after the stack. Failing that, if IwannaRock2 has Phaser and Flanger pedals he could put both in the same Stomp slot using the FX Loop effect type.