Does KPA have a Panic Button?

  • Any button combinations on the KPA, which act as a "Panic Button"? It's pretty common in midi keyboards/synths, which on occasion have midi glitches which can result in stuck notes, random noises, stuck loops, ect. Kind of a last resort reset button, when nothing else is working. It would be nice if we could had similar for the KPA.

    Ok, so what happened was ;-)........during my last gig, i managed to activate the looper by accident, which resulted in a random guitar lick being recorded, which repeated about every 15 seconds or so. So, as I'm playing the next song, I hear this random chord jumping out every few seconds. It took a while to figure out what was going on, then since I rarely use the looper. (I have a Behirnger Foot Controller with EurekaProm, btw) another couple minutes to figure out how to stop it.

    A "Panic Button" or button combination on the front panel would have helped a lot.

  • With my MIDI-controlled analog rig it was pretty common for me to accidentally brush a knob on one of my delays and wreak havoc with my sound. I got used to doing a quick switch back and forth to / from another preset.

    Same with the Kemper. I keep performance slots pretty similar so I can jump back and forth quickly if things go south.

  • Not that I'm aware of except switching off!

    For live most people disable the looper if not needed, which would resolve that particular issue.

    I've never hit any other issues live ( except when my power lead fell out mid solo....)

  • First time since 2012, that I've accidentally fired up the looper at a gig, so it's not a problem. I'll just refresh myself on the pedal mappings. The main problem was determining what was actually happening at the moment. I thought my KPA was possessed. Having a panic button, in my opinion would have helped.

  • This reminds me of something else I would like to see on the KPA for a different reason but which would also solve your problem. I think I opened a Feature Request for it recently but maybe I just thought about doing it ^^

    The RJM controllers have something called Global Preset. It can be anything you want but most often is assigned to a simple straight ahead core tone. You can assign a button to take you to the Global Preset. I like it as it always gives you a quick route to a basic useable sound if something changes in the set or the singer goes off into something random. However, it could also have serve the purpose of a “panic button” as you described.