Axe Fx III and FM 3

  • The FM3 marketing doesn't specifically target gigging musicians, but I think the concept of the FM3 is simple. It offers the same quality of amp modeling, many of the same effects and the same number of stock IRs as their flagship model (ie. Axe-Fx III) at a more affordable price. Some users are primarily interested in the amp modeling and effects of the Axe-Fx III but can't afford it, and this represents a more affordable option.


    From the website--- "all in a compact, rugged, all-in-one, floor unit designed for the studio or stage."

  • Whatever it is, options for the guitar player in today's world is a "GOOD" thing. And, it keeps the competitors on their toes for us to have the next latest & greatest toys! It's a good time to be a guitar player guys!!! ;)

    If you use FRFR the benefit of a merged profile is that the cabinet is totally separated in the profile.

    For my edification only... :D Kemper/Helix user

  • In north America you can have the fm3 and the fc6 for 1500$..actually I believe that this is a very fair price for this combination.

    But again..2000€ is to much.

    Actually this is all what I wanted to say.How much is the stage in the United states?

  • thanks..

    Okay..with regards to the exchange value $/€ the Stage is not more expensive in north America than in europe..if my math are right it is even cheaper.

    With the same math the fm3/fc6 in europe is 55-65% more

    expensive than in the USA/Canada.This is to much.

  • I agree MPescuma

    That was my experience when working with the Axe III FX and the Kemper. On the Kemper, more time playing and less time tweaking.

  • Are you making your own profiles or more so using those others have created?

    I use profiles others have created and tweak them to sound good with my guitars on my PA system.

    Before I gave up my VHT rig, I did profile it; however, I have since found better sounding rigs than even my old tube amp rig that I like better for the covers I play.

  • In europe the FM3 is1266€..add to this 633€ for the FC6.

    2000€.That's to much.

    I mean not only for me but for most potential customers in Europe..and from what I have read during the last weeks in several gear blogs the FM3 is faulty with many bugs.They should have stayed with the Ax8 and evolve it as they do with their rack stuff.

    You don't need the FC6. Works perfectly with 3 knobs.

  • My Kemper now collects dust. Fractal has not only caught up, they have surpassed.