Using the same profile for clean to high gain (clip)

  • I'm a new Kemper owner and have been learning my around the device. I had heard that it's not recommended to tweak the profile too much, but then listened to some great podcasts from Tone Junkie and Michael Britt dispelling that.

    In that spirit, I used Michael Britt's free Dirty Shirley profile from the rig pack and made a patch that goes from clean to high gain lead. It sounds pretty good to me!

    I've also been playing around with swapping cabs on studio profiles, which also seemed like a no-no to me but in practice sounds pretty good. The Kemper seems to break a lot of rules!

  • In reality there are no rules, its's whatever sounds good to you.

    The only reason its not recommended per se is purely because it becomes less accurate to the original amp not because it doesn't sound good..

  • Great playing on the clips, Jarick, some great sounding juicy distortion tones.

    You could have said you used 4 different Profiles and no one would have known you used the one Dirty Shirley. :)

    I think the 'you can't really tweak the Kemper gain knob' was an urban myth started at The Gear Page in 2011/12.

    Often I walk into the amp room in music stores and someone is playing the Kemper for the first time.

    Sounds great, nice crunchy tone, then I check what Profile he's playing and it's a clean Fender Deluxe Reverb profile that he's turned the gain up on...he didn't you weren't supposed to do that and he's loving the tone . :)

  • Digging it. I use some med gain profiles and morph to different gain settings. So what did you do to the profile between settings?

    I think on the lower gain I added some high end through definition treble and presence and for higher gain I did the opposite. Kind of subtle. For the lead I added an eq before the amp to boost the mids a bit. Really basic stuff as I don’t know the Kemper too well yet!