I tend to ramble...

  • Old dog learning the new tricks. Wanted to get a Kemper for awhile so after 1st hand use and research I finally bought 1. I'm a hoarder so it was wise to get the KPA instead of adding to the back breaking heads that was on my list. Now I just search the RM and here to get them!

    I've lurked for awhile to do the "research". I like the forum, very helpful people and I really enjoy all the different "tastes" of who's doing what with their KPA. You've really helped me get my new idea up and going. Nothing compared to all that's out there now but for me this is all new and exciting!I've never had a DAW, never recorded a thing in my life, not even on a cassette back in the day. So after some push from friends and family I decided to actually record my crap and see if anyone enjoys it.

    I'm a kid of the 70's. I've been around the world 3 times, I enjoy playing music with locals wherever I'm at (lots of interesting stories there). I was baptized with all the classics of the usual genres from birth. AC/DC to Zappa, all the blues anyone could listen to...the 8 tracks and vinyl was neatly organized weekly! Grandpa and Dad were of the heavier side of whatever they were listening to, all while keeping up with Hee Haw and the Grand Ol Opry.

    Oh what a time it was to see the old folks grab instruments and play all night long when we would have get togethers. Music was always on the radio in our house but man I couldn't wait for the weekend so I could actually see people making music. It could be by a campfire, barn, or house. Didn't matter, music was all good with everyone who came to the backwoods! I never got to play with my heroes of those days till now. I visit home often and play with the remaining pickers and let them know how much they meant to me and my life. I can now geek out over family instruments and laugh at what has come and gone over the years. Just the other day I was talking with my uncle who is 88 and still plays music daily. He was telling me how there was always 2 or 3 Kalamazoo's laying around the farm, lol!! Next trip, everyone is gonna love this thing!

    (btw I got the powered toaster with remote, I run through the usual cab collection here at the house but those ol timers got a PA so I'm gonna hook it up to that and sit back and let em go to town.) Last time I was owned by a 91 year ol master and I never had such a good time taking a beating!

    If I would put myself in a group, as far as amps go...yeah I'm a gain lover. I like all the other stuff too but give me a dirty, overdriven, whatever you want to call it and I'll take those please! EVH, few Peavey's, couple of Orange's are in the room and I play the KPA with more anticipation. Is it the magic box of tones I was promised? I'm not returning it!

    Having the KPA has been a joy so far! I can jam all day and night and never get bored! I still can't get over how well it keeps up with my tubes! And I don't have to lug them around anymore (wife's idea to help my back). I also like that even my 2 brain cells can figure out how to work the dang thing. I'll go on for days, just enjoy talking and learning with others. I'll play whatever you wanna play, as long as its not a cover, lol.

    See I ramble, great to be here though.

  • Welcome to the forums!

    Some might call it rambling, I call it musing. Glad to know your thoughts as a new user