Singer covers Kemper signal!

  • Hi all, I've been playing my Kemper (non-powered) connected directly to PA, during rehearsal with my band, since a couple of months. I use left main out XLR into a MIC input of the mixer, selecting Main Mono from output source.

    The singer is connected to the same mixer (Sonic Station 16). Both signals (Kemper and singer MIC) are sent to Main L/R. I've checked many times the signals, no clipping, even during the most loud parts. Kemper channel is set at gain 0 on then mixer (no preamp engaged in theory), I just adjust the volume with the rail. Main output on Kemper is set at -20db.

    The PA is a Bose L1 mod. II.

    For some reason, the Kemper signal is covered by the singer during the songs. It is not only a drop of the volume of the guitar but also a drop of some frequencies, as if a compressor is engaged. If the singer is not singing everything comes back normal. I do not understand if this problem is related to the mixer, which is a bit old, or it is how I set my Kemper. By the way, the Phantom Power on the mixer is OFF.:/

    Any help would be great. Thanks

  • Hi and welcome

    It might be a problem with the bose - it may have a limiter that kicks in when the vocals kick in.

    See here:…ompressor-limiter-problem

    Thanks Micheal_dk,

    they describe the exact problem that I'm facing, although our system is way below the maximum volume reachable. Anyway, the tread does not provide a solution for this problem. Do you see something wrong in the way I connect Kemper to the mixer?

  • Are you using one Bose (for a Mono PA)?

    If the Bose has two inputs, try panning the guitar to one side in the mixer, and the vocal to the other. Two independent inputs would likely not compress the same way.

    We have two L1 mod. 2, connected by XLR cables to the mixer L/R main out.

  • Interesting...

    I've been using Bose L1 MII with B2 bass module for 3 weeks now at practice.

    Shure beta 58a wireless (XVive U3) to input 1 of T1 mixer, and Kemper monitor out to input 3 of T1.

    I can sing and play at any volume with no degradation of either input, or the whole.

    Can you try the Kemper to one input, and the mic to a different input of the L1?

  • Dear all,

    finally I was able to test your suggestion during the weekly rehersal. Despite panning the guitar to right L1 system and the voice to the left one, the sandwich effect was still there. Nothing changed. Also tried to lower the mixer output volume and increase both L1 volumes, lower both mixer and L1, raise both volumes....

    Long story short, I tried everything without any result at all ;(.

    After one hour testing, desperate, I decided to change the input channels in which Kemper and Mic were connected, using slot 4 (Mic) and 5-6 (kemper, stereo). Magically the problem was solved ^^. I still have to pan the guitar and the voice to different L1s but now it works, no sandwich effect at all. Found out later that the first channel of the mixer (Sonic Station 16) was responsible for the problem, which is quite strange since the clipping control did not detect any anomaly. For some reason, the Mic connected to the first channel was causing the L1 clipping (I discovered the issue watching the input led of the L1 during one song. It constantly became yellow).

    Anyway, I notice that this PA (Bose L1, mod. II) is very sensibile to input volume. You have to set the mixer output lower than other PAs to avoid clipping. :/