Kemper Looping Video

  • Hi Everyone,

    Here’s a little tip I’ve mentioned before and had been using live for a little while before the scourge of COVID-19 postponed live music.
    Still fun to try at home.
    Try using a morph pedal to change the panorama across the stereo field. It helps separate out parts and can be used to create really wide soundscapes and cross rhythms.
    It would be cool if there was some way to set the pedal to the centred position rather than having to guess where it is. This would allow for really precise positioning and the ability to build a whole ensemble of parts in the loop that don’t get in each other’s way.
    Now we have an acoustic simulator, it’s even more flexible from a sound source point of view. Acoustics, electrics, even fake bass with a good bass amp profile and an octave/pitch shifter set an octave down and mix set to 100% wet.
    If you are armed with a Variax, you could even mimic a mandolin using the onboard tuning, string muting and a twelve string model in their workbench suite. I find using a regular capo to raise the pitch, better than the on-board virtual capo. At least to get close to mandolin pitch.
    It’s not perfect, purists will hate it, but it’s another tone on the sound pallet.
    With some practice, you could build loops with bass, acoustic, electric, mandolin and washy pads mimicking keyboards.
    If you connect it all up so that you can add in your vocal and a drum machine, there are endless possibilities.
    You got to love the Kemper!

  • Hey there Pre-Amp,

    Some years ago I built a pretty complex Ableton routing setup to do just that; that is , to be able to Loop in "3D" rather than just stack things up.

    Since the introduction of the panorama feature it is possible to do something quite similar, although, to be honest, the KPA looper is very, very basic.

    If you want to be able to control the soundcape more precisely that be using an exp pedal with morphing, go ahead and do the following:

    - create a performance for each instrument you plan on using for looping.

    - create a basic path for that instrument

    - copy paste that patch into all 5 slots

    - give each of them a specific panorama setting (in my case I put the performance nr 3 dead center and arrange 1 &2 and then 4&5 spatially to the left/far left and to the right/far right of the center patch. This makes it easier to orient yourself when looping

    - an additional and quite useful settting in this setup is the lock function. If you lock the effect sections, your FX will not change when "moving" around your loops. It does, however, force you to choose a limited/fixed amount of FX

    Hope this helps ;)


  • Hi Verminante,

    Only just seen your reply. Been busy with other things and not looked at the forum for a bit. Thanks for the ideas. I suppose I could add a separate dual momentary footswitch and assign that to basic looper functions to prevent having to switch in and out of the looper when changing performance slots. The switching in and out of looper mode is really annoying when needing to change slots.
    If we could assign the FX switches to Looper functions, that might work quite well.