External EQ in my set up?

  • Hi everyone,

    Fairly new to Kemper and the forum, so apologies in advance if it's been mentioned before or just a dumb question (I have made an effort an searched for it).

    So, I have the unpowered Kemper rack, which is connected through my sound interface (sapphire pro40) and into some active speakers.
    I now want them through a cabinet for practice sessions, so I bought a used Harley Benton GPA-400 power amp, which is going to run into either a self built Camper Plus 112 cab or the new Kemper Kab(depending on the price). While purchasing the power amp, I also got a rack-EQ for nothing. (I thought what the hell, might need it for something, sometime.) It's a Behringer FBQ1502HD.

    My question is;
    Would there be any point in adding that EQ into my practice setup? It seemingly has way more bands, so could it be benefical to use this, instead of Kemper's internal/in addition to? Also, feedback detection might be something...? Where would I put this EQ in my setup? Before Kemper? After Kemper? (Guitar->Kemper->EQ->PowerAmp->Cab?) (Guitar->EQ->Kemper->PowerAmp->Cab?). Anywhere else?)
    As you can see, I have limited experience with these kind of setups. I'm historically a guitar-into-amp and play guy.
    Kemper is connected to the soundinterface by SPDIF, so that shouldn't compete for any slots.

    Thanks for any help in advance! Much appreciated.

  • Thanks for your reply guys.
    I understand there might not be any use for the EQ, so I'll try it out with and without, just for fun. At least I now know where to put it.
    So, the way I'm thinking of setting it up would be something like this:

    1. Would this be the right way of connecting it?
    2. Any comments regarding cables and input/outputs used? The ones I've chosen correct?
    3. As you mentioned danel59, connecting it like this would negate the EQ from my Audio Interface, which is connected via SPDIF. What I'm thinking is Kemper-and-up in the stack for live, Kemper and down for home studio purposes. (Can use soft-eq). Sound ok?
    4. Any other tips regarding settings I should go for?

    Thanks again for any input. As I mentioned, I'm very fresh on all the technical stuff. :)

  • The way your setup is now, you could use the EQ to shape the power amp and cab to the way your S/PDIF signal sounds. Every power amp and cab have a different sound, so you could try to "null" those out.

    With regard to the outputs, it's depending on how many cab's you are using. For one cab, you could use one of your main outs to go to the input (left) of the eq. Then the output of the eq (left) is connected to the input (left, again) of the cab. Then the left output of the power amp is connected to your cab. Maybe it's possible to turn the right channel off, so there won't be running a power amp without speaker load. You could also run the entire rig in stereo, using both main outs and two cab's. Especially for mod, delay and reverb, this could provide a lot of space in your sound.

  • I think if you want to try it, using it in front of the KPA will really let you sculpt the whole sound more, because you're affecting how the amp front end gets driven.

    I doubt you'll need it though. The amp has more than enough tone shaping options.