RedSound RS-LG12 Speaker Cabs

  • I'd heard a lot of good stuff about these cabs from many people on here and other forums, so took the plunge and ordered two of them for stereo use in the band. I went for the 'rack' versions, which just means they are slightly slanted version (my thinking being better sound dispersion).

    They arrived today - Firstly, BIG shout-out and thanks to Peter at ClearSoundMusic in the UK (the UK distributor of these) - he drove round the M25 to personally deliver them to me. Top, top bloke and a pleasure to deal with!

    They look great, and are very well constructed; the sound itself is much thicker and 'fatter' than the Headrush FrFr speakers I've been using. It does seem to sound more like a cab as well, including all the issues that brings; for example, I've had to reduce my EQ cut to 6kHz now instead of 7,000. Also a lot boomier, so have increased the low cut to 120Hz.

    But yes, they do sound very nice indeed - will be using them at the gig tonight so will upload some vids tomorrow of how they sound in the mix.

    One thing I'm unsure about now if the PureCab setting on these.... think it sounds slightly less shrill with it on, so have it around 5 at the minute.

    Any questions, feel free to ask!

  • Yes, the RedSound stuff is quality indeed. I use the powered version (250w rms) and have no complaints .....:thumbup:

    Not as mid-heavy or fat as my trusty Boogie EVM12L but I was looking for a more neutral sound anyway. More HiFi-like to my ears.

  • OK, here's a brief vid from the gig last night. Using a TopJimi Caswell AFD profile (think this was a greenback one), Kemper stereo out at -20 going into 2 RedSound cabs set to 8 out of 10 on volume. The camera is set BEHIND the cabs as well...

  • Ah, yes. So your Rack versions are the same weight as mine - 16.9kgs.

    I bet that covering will wear better. Looks like the same texture as the old Peavey combos

    The leatherette/vinyl finish, while nice on the eye, is starting to show a few bumps and scrapes :rolleyes: (despite having the cover).

  • Does this mean I can play live without a power amp if i'm using active cabs? It sounds like it but.....not sure.

    Off course it does mean that , I have a powered kemper but got myself a RS-LG12 Neo 400 w and don't use the internal poweramp anymore ... Got myself a line6 helix stomp as backup rig too ... very handy

    In case there's a cab available I'd still use the internal poweramp