Why are remotes hard to find

  • I bought mine 2nd hand off Facebook Marketplace but it took a while for one to show up. I've found that most people want to sell them as a package with the Kemper itself.

    And also, if you've got the Kemper and remote, i cant think of many reasons why anyone would sell off the remote on its own.

    The lad I got my remote off was selling because he didn't use his Kemper for gigs any more, just recording. He said it wasn't needed and wanted the money instead.

  • I got mine from the Kemper store. Took a little while to ship (but not Kemper's fault), but they had them in stock and it went out right away. I can't see myself selling it w/o selling the Kemper too.

    On that note, can't really see me selling the Kemper at all. :)

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  • Never realized that the remote is only available by itself direct from Kemper.

    Here in the US, none of the major music retailers nor Amazon has it available a la carte. Neither Anderton's or Thomann Music do either. I'm sure the Japanese have their own ideas on how to get things done. :)

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