Minus Character and PureCab

  • For a few years now, I've been all about turning the Character knob in the cab section all the way up, especially for headphones. Because of filtering and (algorithmic?) placement, it's never really worked out well for using the power section with monitor cab off through a traditional cab without using pure cab which then changes the XLR sound. Just using the xlr out into powered wedges have been ok but not really working well with that sound.

    So, as of late I have stopped using the Character knob so dramatically or at all. And now, I've been doing the opposite and getting good results doing that. Using -5.0 instead of +5.0 sometimes with a little pure cab or character at -2.6 or so and pure cab or no pure cab. High and low shift to taste.

    Wondering, is anybody else using negative character values, with or without purecab? Xlr and or traditional cab?

    I know that minus values on character have more of a fizzy sound, but in there lies some truth about amp sounds in general and the kemper, I think... so I'm looking to yall to find some other opinions on the matter. Hope this helps lol ;):thumbup:

  • Depending on the profile that I am working with, I will mess with the pure cab/character parameters. Normally I add about +.5-1.5 character and then normally I turn pure cab around 3.00. For High and Low shift, normally use a negative parameter for both. High shift at about -.02 and low about -.06-.08 or so.

    I've found this helps remove some of the harshness in some profiles and also can clean up some things a bit. I mostly play worship profiles so very clean and chimey is normally the route I tend to take.

  • I think there is some redeeming quality to it depending on the intent. Being a high gain or fuzzed out kinda guy i found a more ,snarly breathy type sound in it that's more akin to a speaker cab in the room sound but through headphones. The goal was to get a different sound from a powered wedge that was more towards a traditional sound but with a new twist in the full combination of everything.

    It kinda sounds like a , all of the other cab sim modeler, in a way. Sorta but not. Lol

    The real interesting part to me is bringing high/ low shift and pure cab into that scenario.

    I guess the test for me was, Can i make a new sound with negative character values work with those parameters when using gain.

    I think i was very successful. Which is why I'm trying to reach out and see if anybody has had similar results. I think my final analysis was similar to a positve char value. I ended up setting the the negative value around -1.5 or 2.5 to bring in that fizz then adjust everything else. Sorry for the novel haha