Who Makes The Best T-style Guitar?

  • Martin, have you played one of these?

    I wish I had. :) But I guarantee that the first one that goes on sale within a radius of 100km will be mine in a blink of an eye, hehe.

    Here's another song he plays on the Gigliotti :)

    In the background of the still image you can see the Marshall Bluesbreaker he played in this gig … and in the foreground you see Eric Czar, the monster on bass who relentlessly pushed Joe forward. I wish they were still playing together but Eric has completely disappeared, sadly.

  • I’ve owned several vintage Teles and partscasters. My advice is to play before you buy. Each one

    has it’s own character and it depends on what style music you’ll be using it to play.

    My personal preference is toward black guard specs, especially A 3 magnets.

    I play mostly blues / jazz based stuff and love my mids.

    I currently have 2 Teles. One is black guard style with a real 57 neck . The other is a pine body

    with a 1/4 sawn , roasted neck. Both sound amazing! The black guard has Black Rope pups

    The pine has Cavalier Lions , which also have A3’s

    I hope this helps.

    You can find excellent info on the Tele forum. TDPRI.

  • My first vote goes to Fender. It’s simple and the benchmark by which every “inspired” T style guitar is compared to. For me, the best feeling and playing T style, without Fender on the headstock, has been Nash Guitars. They do different relic levels from closet find to dumpster fire ^^ but they play wonderfully and sound incredible.

  • I absolutely love my K-Line Truxton. I'm not a very experienced guitarist, so I haven't owned a lot of guitars, but I played it back to back with several Suhr and fenders. I dramatically prefer this one, both for feel and sound.

    I love the look too, can't overlook that! Paint was not reliced when I got it (I've put a few dings in it... Oops) but the metal parts have a very nice patina.

  • The problem is T style guitars are so versatile that to me they are ( more than any other guitar) a pure workhorse. There are so many neck variations and uses that it depends, relic'ed traditional, Zematis type steel/etched, through to high end woods...Pickups do you go, traditional twang, contempory/humbucker or EMG's!! The Tele will take them all!

    My first and fav guitar is Jap Squier and I love it. I think its the best guitar in the world, purely because I learnt on it. It has a Seymour hot rails so I can play metal as well as blues on it. The neck has been stripped and I hand drilled holes for through the body stringing. I have no case for it and its dinked to hell...

    ...but, if was in your position, I would look at Tom Andersons, or custom made by a good luthier, along with Fenders. They will all give you the twang so the design will play a big part. Quilted maple top, stained purple with a birdseye maple neck is what I'd order as I'm less of a traditionlist..

    I also have a gold John 5.....

  • I own several (some high end) guitars including 2 (almost 3 Teles). My main Guitar is a partscaster with an MJT body. The neck was custom made by a friend luthier and it has the best piece of maple I've ever seen.

    Check MJT. Really worth it.

    Building my 2nd MJT tele now.

  • My vote is for Tom Anderson. I have an older (2004) Hollow T Classic which is great, but I have also tried their new Icon-series Classic-T and it is simply wonderful. The icon-series S and T are closer to the old shapes (thicker body etc), but still has Andersons greatly improved neck-pocket. I'm a sucker for classic sounds, yet don't want to sacrify playability. I will have one heading my way as soon as i find one for a fair price.