Who Makes The Best T-style Guitar?

  • The Suhrs are nothing to be sneezed at IMHO, Laz. You asked, "why?"

    IIRC the company uses quarter-sawn cuts for the necks and awesome parts and woods for its guitars overall. It employs a 3-month drying-and settling process for the necks, which significantly aids long-term stability. Also, all guitars are Plek'd.

    You could order a standard T model or customise 'til your heart's content... as long as you can afford it.

  • My current tele is a partscaster that was created to look like a Merle Haggard version. I like it a lot, but was figuring on adding a higher end tele to my collection.

    Higher-end, eh Laz?

    I think you might've misunderstood. I "quoted" the bit where you asked why in order to frame the answer I gave. You know - context and all that.

    Thank you for explaining anyway mate; sounds like you may well be able to "afford" a Suhr then... lucky bugger. I know they're not the only game in town, but I've found their guitars to be pretty much beyond-reproach. Even the standard cases that come with 'em are the best I've seen as "freebies".

  • I also searched for this information recently because I wanted to buy the first Tele guitar in my life. I chose the Fender Classic Player Baja Tele 2CSB and I will say it's my favorite guitar for today. In principle, others have gone away. Although cheap(made in mexico) is very well made and has a typical tele tone. https://www.thomann.de/pl/fend…player_baja_tele_2csb.htm

  • Suhr, in my opinion, create a better guitar for the price point than Fender. Their Alt T or Classic T guitars are works of art. I'm a neck snob and having the guitars plek'd is a game changer compared to how they come from Fender (in my experience).

  • I've had a bunch of Fender Teles and several knockoffs. but my current fav is my Ron Kirn Signature. Ron is super down to Earth, straight to the point, and built the guitar with the many specs/customizations I specified. (trying to post a pic while I'm writing this) Assuming the photo attaches, I would point out somethings that are not obvious in the photo: The body is bound, the back is ash painted brown with the wood grain showing. The fret markers on the top of the neck glow in the dark so I can find my way around when the stage is dark, particularly before the lights come up at the beginning of a song. Frets are stainless 6105s.

    Ron installed Lawrence Keystones, which I loved, but they, like all single coil pickups, were noisy in some venues, so I replaced them with an SD Vintage Tele Stack and an SD 5/2 Strat Stack. I use an oddball set of string gauges, but Ron cut the nut specifically for those gauges.


    Though it has the maple top, and binding, from a distance, it looks like and old butterscotch blackguard, minus the fretboard markers, which I specified be omitted. Oh and another interesting thing: when Ron asked what color I wanted, I told him I did't care as long as it wasn't fluorescent pink, fluorescent green, crazy stripes, etc. He, for the same price he initially quoted me, added the maple top and chose the stain/finish color. When I received it I was blown away. It is beautiful, if I may say so myself. Plays amazing, sounds amazing, intonation is better than any T-type I've ever played.

    BTW, the photo was taken when the guitar was new; its got some wear/mileage on it now. Also, I had to shrink the photo quite a bit so, not sure how well this is going to turn out.

    Ron also makes standard, that is non-custom T-type, and other, guitars.

    website: http://www.ronkirn.com/ It's worth a read, even if you don't want one of his builds.

    Whew! Aren't you glad you asked? ^^

  • There's just one possible answer from my side: The clear winner is the Gigliotti GT Custom. I adore its sound, the metallic edge while still providing such a beautiful "round" tone. Doesn't get any better than this for me :)

    One of the best soundbites would be this one ... enjoy :)

    Martin, have you played one of these?

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  • This is my take on it ... Tom Anderson T Model with Fishman active bridge. Proper job!

    I have previously had a Custom shop Fender Tele but beyond it's visual appeal there wasn't much - (and it was stolen)

    Nice :) . How did you embed that pic directly?

    Go for it now. The future is promised to no one. - Wayne Dyer