Rig X-Fade Time in OS 6

  • Hello. I have recently upgraded my powered head to the latest OS Release from OS Release. I have noticed since then that the Rig X-Fade Time parameter in System Settings has no effect at all irrespective of its value (at least in performance mode, which is where I usually live ...). Changing from one slot to any other takes place instantly (except for some random occasions from time to time).

    By the way, I have also noticed that the reverb Volume parameter, which I usually morphed in many performance slots, has disappeared from every reverb ...

    Thanks in advance !!

  • By the way, I have also noticed that the reverb Volume parameter, which I usually morphed in many performance slots, has disappeared from every reverb ...

    Ah, that explains why a bunch of normalized profiles became louder when I was zeroing out the effects slots.

    To be honest, I kinda prefer that since the Kemper has a linear output volume control "at the end of the chain" anyway. Spreading out gain stages like that gets to be confusing. You can already outout only REV/DLY if needed, and there is already the mix parameter for reverbs, so you will never be at risk of your reverb not being loud enough unless the problem is that your entire playback system including dry tone isn't loud enough. That would be a problem with the playback system, however, and not caused by lacking a volume control between the REV block and output. You can already overload the output like 3x between the clean sens, rig volume, main volume, amplifier block volume, any boost/eq/compressor/clean gain, and I'm sure I'm forgetting a stage or two of added volume control on top of those, too.

    Ofc I'm speaking in purely selfish terms here :D was your point for the reverb to feel like it was "growing" around the dry guitar tone, but with the dry tone staying at a constant level?

  • Actually, I don't care much about the reverbs (including the newest ones ...). But the Rig X-Fade Time issue makes me feel really uncomfortable. It was one of my most appreciated Kemper features. So, at least for a time, I have returned to the latest OS 5 ...

  • I saw in one of your earlier posts that Rig X-Fade is one of your most used features. I have always wanted my rigs to change instantly and have never thought of a reason for the X-Fade. I am sure that is just my lack of imagination though ?

    Could you tell me how you use the X-Fade in your performances? Maybe it’s something I should explore.


  • Do you mean the amp itself )like clean to dirty) or the FX like Delay and Reverb?

    I understand the Delays and Reverbs hanging over etc but I always want my rigs to change exactly when I hit the pedal. I've just tried playing with the Rig X-Fade time in Performance mode. The difference between 0 and 10 isn't significant. 10 feels like a little latency 0 feels like an in instant switch. Is that right? Or do you get 10 to slowly fade between the two rigs?

  • For all intents and purposes, it's still an "instant" switch at a setting of 10 IMHO.

    A setting of zero crossfade time is like chopping a waveform with an infinite-dB slope, IOW, vertically-straight. If you're sustaining a sound and use this setting when switching Rigs, there's bound to be an audible click at least some of the time. This high-frequency generation by the vertical "slope" is why I set default fade and xfade times in my DAW to 10ms IIRC.

    If one isn't using Performances, one can sustain a chord and use Rig Manager to conveniently switch from one Rig to the next as a means of exposing the difference between 10 and no crossfade (using the up / down arrows on one's keyboard). Obvious info, I know, but for noobs.

  • Thanks Codex and Nicky. I get it now. I was wondering if there was something I was missing as the manual says the X-fade time can be adjusted “in a wide range” but the changes I could get were extremely subtle.

    I had it in m mind that it was able to be used as more of an obvious effect.

    I found little difference at all going from lower gain to higher gain rigs but did notice a perceptible smoothing going from higher gain to clean sounds.

    Thanks guys that was really helpful ?

  • Ahh... I suspected you might've been getting this mixed up with the morph-time range, Alan and meant to say something about that, so I will now:

    IMHO the manual's claim of a "wide range" for Rig X-Fade Time is misleading. Here's what you would've seen:

    This crossfade time can be adjusted in a wide range.

    To me, 0->10ms or whatever it is isn't a wide range, but it's certainly enough to enable us to get over the abrupt-click hump.

    Here's the wide range I suspected might've caused the confusion:

    You may have noticed that the change from Base Sound to Morph Sound (and vice versa) is not instantaneous by default, but performs a smooth transition. Both Rise Time and Fall Time of Morphing can be set individually in Rig Settings. Both time values can be set from zero (for an instantaneous morph switching) to 64 seconds.

    Even if you weren't getting this mixed up with the Morph-time options, others may well do so, so hopefully this helps someone.

    Cheers brother.

  • I'm puzzled by the very nature of this feature. The Kemper can't run two rigs simultaneously, so the ability to crossfade rigs is unlikely?

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