Kemper & Mac through Yamaha HS 8s

  • Hey all,

    after months of research I finally took the decision to switch from my classic amp and software based amp simulations to the unpowered KPA toaster in combination with Yamaha HS 8s or headphones for private use at home only without recording intentions yet.

    In terms of connection I would like to ask for your advise on how to connect the devices to get the best sound quality as well as flexibility to add another instrument like keyboard or an edrum-set somewhere in the future.

    Please note I need to connect my mac to the HS 8s/headphones as well to play along.

    Possible routing:

    1. guitar -> 6.3 mono jack -> kemper

    2. KPA main out -> 2x 6.3 mono jack -> audio interface (which Focusrite item to recommend?)

    3. mac -> usb -> audio interface

    4. audio interface -> 2x 6.3 mono jack -> HS 8s

    Thanks for your support


  • The Focusrite 6i6 is probably the least expensive option, which also has a S/PDIF coaxial connection. There's a few good reasons to use S/PDIF, or to at least have the option.

    Your KPA and Mac connected to the Focusrite, and through the HS8's, would sound great. The Focusrite headphone output is not the worst, but it's not great. You really notice the difference when you plug into the KPA headphone jack directly, in an A/B scenario. I'm fine with the Focusrite headphone jack, it can sound good with adjustment.

    You could also plug your headphones into the KPA directly, and use the AUX in on the KPA, and then route your Mac into the KPA. No recording option that way, but it would allow you to play with backing tracks, or along with music.

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