Signature tones to cover songs

  • Hi, I am a relatively new user and love my Kemper and couldn't be happier with the tones, but in terms of ease of use I have the following problem:

    I used to own a Line 6 Spider V amp, which came along an online database of rigs/sounds many of which were targeting to replicate sounds used in popular songs. You could e.g. type in Sultans of Swing and something like 40 rigs would appear on the list. Each were rated by users and with a quick play through it was quite fast to identify the best rig to use as a starting point to cover sounds.

    When I type in a song name (or band/artist) in Rig Manager, I often get no results at all. Rig Manager appears to be essentially an amp exchange, but since I love to cover songs it is quite cumbersome to get to a a good rig. I have previously bought rigs/performances tailored to cover songs (Pink Floyd in particular), but the offering seems very limited (and also comes at a cost).

    Am I missing something and do you have a suggestion for me (incl. directing me to previous threads on this topic)?

    If not, why has this sort of rig exchange for cover songs / signature sounds not developed?

    From my point of view, this would be a very useful and important feature.

    Many thanks, Pito

  • Hey bud

    I think it’s best to do this yourself tbh. Look up online what amp and pedals the band used - for that particular song - album

    Audition amp Profiles and load the final choice into the kemper.

    Adjust gain and eq to suit whilst listening to the original song (useful tip here - change the kemper looper to (pre - loop) / record a riff and then let it play

    As the lip plays add effects and adjust their parameters as the loop plays) - a lot of websites will actually tell you pedal settings - for example delay settings - use these as a starting point.

    You’ll learn a lot more about the kemper and different amp profiles , you’ll ,train your ear and I guarantee you’ll have more fun doing it.

    I’ve tried those tone matching apps thingies in the past and i never find them as good as doing my own research and trusting my own ear

    Hope that helps , best of luck

  • hi guys.

    I think dudes got a point.

    You could keep the amp type search but also have a song/guitarist tone search.

    I don't think there's enough 'profiles' include use of effects. There purely base tones, which I appreciate is what is meant to be.

    There could be some preset tones with some effects also, sounds perfectly reasonable to me to get people in the ball park.

  • The answer to the song names issue is to simply name the Rig after the song. At the moment most people upload rigs to RE with the amp name as Rig name. However, all the amp info is already included in other fields, Manufacturer, Model etc. So the rig name should really describe the sound in some meaningful way.

    I think the reason more rigs don’t show up with song names is simply that most people aren’t making profiles as specific song tones but rather good general tones for a specific amp.

    When trying to copy a song tone we are never going to get exactly the same amp sound, as our guitar, pickups, technique, room etc all have a huge influence. Therefore, for a Knopfler or Slash or EVH tone the amp profile just needs to be in the basic ballpark.

    Many of the signature song tones rely heavily on one or more specific effect, either before the amp or added at the desk. At the moment RM doesn’t handle effects presets separately so a Sultans of Swing rig, for example, would be everything including an amp. As the next version of RM is going to handle effects presets I wonder if we might start to see more people provide song specific FX presets to use with your favourite amp profile.

  • it sound interesting. But the user should understand that this is only the profile of the amp and effect. If they expect to 'nail' the tone this may disappoint if they dont have the right pickup. The same as when user ask why they cant get the same tone as the commercial profile demo when they play this on their own instrument.