Direct profiles for Preamp Rack unit volume issues

  • It's probably the answer to my question is on this forum already but i could not find yet.

    I have a preamp rack unit (JMP-1 ) that has line out only and need to profile it to KPA. The issue is, during the profiling , KPA thinks that the preamp is clipping and trying to set the return volume to almost -2 DB .. on the end , KPA sounds not really like the reference preamp tone in terms of volume, distortion , etc... and i found that that is the profile that was loaded on the browser mode (was silver jubilee clean).

    I keep switching back from reference amp and Kemper Amp i get totally opposite things as i'm using master outs to DAW to compare. Same issue while monitoring with SPIDIF output to DAW

    I have no idea if i'm doing this correctly and am I missing a step ?

    My setup:
    Guitar > KPA input > KPA send > Preaamp input > Preamp output (no cab sim, just raw ) > KPA return

  • Another issue i have noticed on the direct amp profiling (using Kemper DI box on Marshall JCM power amp ) not the preamp profiling , the level or tone of reference amp vs Kemper amp are so different and the real amp is a lot louder. If i disconnect the send cable, I hear my profile that was loaded on the browser mode. the way i discover that, i went back to browser mode and lowered the gain and added reverb to make it clean and then went back to the profiling switch mode and then switching between the ref vs real amp, i hear kpa to be clean/reverb and reference amp is distorted which the way it should be. I'm monitoring using master output to DAW and KPA Headphones. Not sure what's going on with my unit , i did not have these issues with my another KPA and it seems to be an issue with my KPA itself (v6.x.x and v5.x.x both had this problem) ?

  • I'm still working with tech support to get some answers, but no dices why KPA can not take a profile from a preamp directly without clipping message. I set the preamp to 9:00 oclock and return to -6db (all the way down) and was able to capture one profile and not with above that master volume (> 9:00 Oclock). I was able to hookup that preamp to an external power amp using DI to profile with no issues. KPA does not like preamps signals from what i have concluded. But how others are making preamp profiles ?