A sweet rose colored wine

  • Thanks guys.

    For this track I opted for a more modern pristine wide and less bass driven sound, with more of the fretboard mic, wrong choice I take it? Heh.

    The Kemper isn’t part of my acoustic guitar signal chain currently. I could try reamping the recorded tracks through it via S/PDIF, the only slight sticky thing there is Reason may not have the routing options so I’d probably have to do it in another DAW. What do the Kemper profiles bring? It may be easier for me to simply add compression/limiting and eq in Reason if that’s all.

    Right now it goes two Tascam stick mics at twelfth fret and lower horn into the audio interface (UAD) via its Helios pre amp emulation because I like its sound and it has phantom power that the mics require.

  • I use the Kemper mainly because of it's spdif out.

    My folk also has an internal fishman , so it's pretty plug and play for me , very convenient, no need to mike. I used to hate piezo tones heard on records & live , but it turned out really great on my KPA.

    I use most only console preamp like you do ( UAD , neve , chandler and baldringer profiles ) for folk , voices , bass

    slight compression and great verbs , noise gate all these come from KPA.

    A demo of my folk tone with the balringer here ( comp, verb, natural doubling )

    regarding the bass, we have similar tastes I guess, I bought the Hofner for it's Air & 60's Gainsbourg tones ;) . I can confirm that using the right bass gives you that vintage feel & tone , but note that I also use wound strings.

  • Great piezo sound there waraba! Even I'm tempted :) It's definitely nice to not have to worry about hiss and background noise. I should experiment with compression and noise gating on the acoustic. I find compression quite a difficult effect to get right, often it "breathes" when you don't want, or feels great when you play but makes things sound congested (for want of a better word) when you listen back.

    I'm very jealous of your setup, I doubt a Hofner is in my future but I'm going to keep on working on those bass tones with the Kemper and what I've got (Yamaha 424x). I suspect my technique more than the instrument is to blame for my sound though, I couldn't really justify upgrading even if I had the money, at least till I've got that down a lot better.

  • All of these are inexpensive instruments , under 300€ : the hofner is a good asian make (2nd hand) and not the original , but the feel & tone is there. The folk was a trade with a sub 250€ non piezzo vintage yamaha folk.

    I used amp compression only (from the amp profile param) , and a slight tad of chorus on my track, but I had to play it right not to sound piezzo plastic.

    I have to buy Bert acoustic pack to explore new tones on my folk, I'm pretty sure that bert's experience in making his acoustic profiles is invaluable .

    but you're right , to make the hofner sound 60's it's more of a playing style and choice of profile, I remember muting the strings with my left hand while playing the bass.