2 new profiles uploaded. a tweaked and very good JTM clone and a better AFD.

  • Hi KPA family,

    i have nu uploads for ya!

    1. troynova has tweaked my cream to such a degree that i can only say: wow. that sounds like sunshine.
    the cream is a blocklogo bluesbreakers marshall clone and to some sounds even better than the original.
    http://www.geraldos-school-of-…erenzenaufnahmen_KPA.html Here you can listen to a sample called sunshine.
    2. i have improved on profiling. now the AFD is close, very close. its name is AFD 105, ´cause it is my fifth profile of this amp.

    have fun with it!

    (all of ´em in the rig exchange) 8)

    My occupation: showing teenagers the many hidden secrets of the A-minor chord on the guitar.

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  • I love a profile when you can go from a great clean sound to full on shred and everything in between with a turn of the Gain.

    I think sometime's a profiled Amp becomes better then the original.

    Thank's for the opportunity to play a great amp. :thumbup:

  • I'm not trying to put down the profiles just trying to figure out if it's something I'm doing. The best afd100 I've heard so far is from sheguitarplayer. I have some more I downloaded that say me on them, but not sure who they are from. Some of the afd100 profiles sound digital and others sound great. On these profiles they aren't sounding loud and when I turn them up they have no thump or character. I also think I may hear phasing. Anyways, like I said not putting anyones profile method down, but it may just be me. I notice it all the time with profiles... Some sound digital and some sound like the real thing.

  • I totally agree with you it can be hard figure out if something is wrong with my setup or a profile.

    His AFD profile sounds great in the Demo but I cant get that sound in my setup.

    I know from experince that a raw guitar sound and a sound in the mix can seem so diffrent
    this really adds to the challange of whats what.

  • Did quickly check the AFD and have to admit that I did not get along with it too well either. The cream however sounds VERY nice to me (tested it with a Strat) and I'll definitely find a lot of use for it in the future. :thumbup:
    Thanks for sharing!!


  • yoyo!
    what can i say? with my guitar and my pickups those two just sound great.
    the cream is the correct one my nice colleague troynova tweaked.
    i have a very good dimarzio pickup. the one steve vai used 10 years ago.
    but again, some of those profiles everybody seems to like sound horrible with my setup.
    especially the marshalls. what kind of distortion is that supposed to be.
    i know that sheguitarplayer is an expert, but this profile sounds not even close to the AFD to my ears.
    you see, folks much depends on the guitar, the fingers, the style, the ears, the weather, the universe, ...

    ps: got serious technical problems. i want to make a live setting and use the KPA as a preamp and only
    the main output !!!!!! works and only a 3 cable setting — strange. If you want to see here: http://www.kemper-amps.com/for…ad&threadID=4449&pageNo=2

    My occupation: showing teenagers the many hidden secrets of the A-minor chord on the guitar.