Dual Momentary Foot switch with Kemper - Normally Closed or Normally Open?

  • I've seen folks recommend using the Boss FS-6, which apparently is normally closed. Can anyone confirm that NC is what I should in fact be ordering, if I go with one of the affordable custom builders, Saturnworks for example. Bonus question: "Pro" switch versus "soft touch" - any opinions?

  • Either Normally Open or Normally closed will work. The PROFILER allows to configure the polarity of each switch in the menu. If you select the wrong polarity, the PROFILER doesn't load another sound, when you hit the button, but when you release the button.

    I like to feel the switch clicks onstage when changing Performance Banks. They let me know I have gone up or down the intended number of Banks without looking at the floor.

  • Thanks! Good to know that we can use either version.

    Another bonus question: with a recent update, the effects buttons on the Kemper Remote automatically switch from latch to momentary when the switches are held for a second. Would that functionality also apply to dual switches assigned to A/B/C/D/X/Mod/Delay/Reverb? I'm hoping that it does :)