• still using it here!

    I have had no problem and don't think I'll have. But I have read the new editor won't work in win7 environment. But I might be wrong. The K team can correct me anytime...


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  • We've still got a few old machines at work running Win7 due to legacy applications. They'll be upgraded or disposed before the end of the year due to the security risk.

    Windows 10 is miles better and keeps improving. You might have a scratchy week making the change, but you'll be better for it.

  • I have a couple of backup machines with win7 on them (1 for kemper). Moved the latest laptop to linux after becoming annoyed with win10 accessing the hdd a lot. You can take steps to improve your security on win7 by disabling remote desktop connections, using a secure web browser and doing the usual things such as avoiding opening email attachments/websites that you're unsure of. You'll never be 100% secure no matter what OS you use. However, even though win7 isn't going to magically become less secure by itself, if existing exploits are found and published, MS won't lift a finger and your system might be at risk. Backup your data!

  • By "lift a finger" you mean "invest limited resources in obsolete products" right? ;)

    10 year old software just doesn't stack up. I suspect you'd struggle to get Kemper support if your KPA was on the 2012 version of the software and you refused to upgrade to the latest.

  • By "lift a finger" you mean "invest limited resources in obsolete products" right? ;)

    Ha, yes that's exactly what I mean! I didn't intend to imply that MS should provide perpetual support for win7. It is what it is. But just for the want of something better to say, I'll add that the product wouldn't be considered obsolete in the first place if they actually did continue to invest some of those limited resources in it :/ Anyway, kempers are great!

  • I stuck on 7 for the longest time after the Vista fiasco, but 10 really is an improvement with one major caveat - the default settings and installed components suck, you have to disable so much stuff out of the gate for privacy and reduction in bloat and to ensure you don't get an OS with popup ad's, or have it auto-install stuff you don't want. That's something you only need to do the once at least, but you really shouldn't have to in 2019, it's not back in the early 2000's with linux distro's that were filled with gigabytes of minesweeper variations and zero configuration out of the box.

  • Yeah - I had great success with Win7 and I'll admit that out of the box Windows 10 is really annoying. Just like most software vendors these days they try to trick inexperienced users into setting all sorts of annoying and invasive stuff.

    I'm more used to our business environment, where we push out nice clean builds with as little "Cortana-ism" as possible.

  • I'd be disappointed if they constrained the capability of the editor just to make it 32 bit compatible.

    It's just an editor and 32bit compatible isn't that difficult. You won't loose any features. But I don't think there are many arguments (people) who are still on 32 systems.